Letter to the editor from Christina Marquardt

The following letter to the editor form has been submitted: hcv: testing first name: Christina last name: Marquardt address: You have my account information city: You have my account information state: You have my account information zip: You have my account information phone: You have my name and my account information email: chrisemchris@hushmail.com letter: Just a quick note to let you know the links to
Trends In The News are
majorly screwed up.
Yesterday, all that I could get was the cover for
May 5th. Today, the same.
I’ve been concerned for Mr. C so I made a comment.
When I posted it
today’s edition popped up.
And then I see that yesterday’s edition is there
on the side bar.

I was going to leave a comment about all this but
it wouldn’t let me.

Glad to know you’re OK, Mr. C.
remLen: 213

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