A new generation of Americans will likely be fat, pre-diabetic, and prone to a lifetime of ailments according to a recent survey that showed teens in the country love fast food.

Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and Chipotle are the favorite spots among teens, according to a recent Piper Sandler survey. McDonald’s and Olive Garden are close behind. 

Yahoo News reported that Chick-fil-A was the top pick among teenagers polled at 16 percent, which marks the fourth time in a row that the Atlanta, Georgia, chain carried the top spot. The report said Starbucks came in with 10 percent of the vote, followed by McDonald’s and Chipotle at 5 percent.

The Trends Journal has reported on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. fueled by the country’s obsession with processed food. (See “FATTEN UP WITH FAST-FOOD TREND RISING,” “SNACK FOOD PRESERVATIVE ATTACKS IMMUNE SYSTEM,” “JUNK FOOD SALES TURN SUNNYSIDE UP.”)

On 10 November 2020 in our article “FATTEN UP WITH FAST-FOOD TREND RISING,” we reported, “While the economic shutdown has decimated much of the restaurant industry, the junk food sector has suffered less than most others; some chains are thriving.”

The University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health found that 1in 5 parents admit that they fed their children fast food more often during the COVID-19 outbreak than before.

“The pandemic disrupted many family routines, including where and what they eat,” Dr. Gary L. Freed, the poll’s co-head, said in a statement. “We know families’ lifestyles can impact children’s diets, and we’ve looked to see how the pandemic may have changed their eating habits.”

One in six of the more than 2000 parents surveyed admitted that their children eat at least two fast-food meals per week.

TRENDPOST: For years, the Trends Journal has been offering solid research into developing healthy eating habits, which not only help maintain a proper weight but can quickly improve one’s emotional state of mind. 

In October 2019, we published definitive proof that the Mediterranean diet, which includes natural foods without excess saturated fat and chemical additives, as a helpful guide. (See our article, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: ‘MEDITERRANEAN’ MOOD SWING.”

In October 2019, months before the COVID War began, we wrote in the Trends Journal: Yes, there will be a continuing growing market in sectors such as organic, plant-based, and juicing, however, it will account for but a small percentage of the total population’s addiction to junk/fast/low-quality food. For OnTrendpreneurs®, a huge market exists for new, innovative weight loss/fitness products and programs.

(For more, see our article, “READY TO EXPLODE, READY TO IMPLODE.”)

The COVID-19 outbreak showed the country the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, balanced diet, and active lifestyle. Americans who are obese are at a much greater risk of COVID-19 complications than someone in a normal weight bracket.

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