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Last Thursday, published research results from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) showing that a preservative found in over 1,000 snack “treats” contains a chemical that disrupts the human immune system. And it can weaken the effectiveness of vaccines, including those for COVID-19.
The study, “Preservative in Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its, hundreds of popular foods may harm immune system,” focuses on the chemical tert-butylhydroquinone or TBHQ. According to the article,
“Researchers looked at data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxicity Forecaster, or ToxCast, during their study. Along with examining health hazards from preservatives, the team studied ‘forever chemicals,’ or PFAS. These chemicals, commonly used in making food packaging, can migrate from the wrappers to the food itself.”
“Forever chemicals” get their name because they are synthetic chemicals that never fully break down over time. 
The analysis reveals that TBHQ, a “forever chemical,” has been used by the processed foods industry for decades and for only one reason: to prolong shelf life.
Unfortunately, in many cases, it can shorten the healthy life of those who consume it. The ToxCast analysis shows that “recent studies find there may also be a link between PFAS exposure and the severity of COVID-19.”
Where is the FDA on this issue, which is supposed to monitor food safety?  The article states,
“Researchers contend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t consider the latest science when regulating food additives. Although companies can legally add certain products to foods, The Environmental Working Group [EWG] finds some may increase cancer risk, harm the nervous system, or disrupt hormone levels.”
The article further points out that the FDA “allows food manufacturers to determine which chemicals are safe for consumption. Preservatives like TBHQ were approved to use years ago and have not been reassessed since then.”
As a result of the FDA not pursuing food safety, but leaving this preservative issue up to the billion-dollar snack food industry, Scott Faber, senior vice president for government affairs at EWG, says:
“Food manufacturers have no incentive to change their formulas. 
Too often, the FDA allows the food and chemical industry to determine which ingredients are safe for consumption. Our research shows how important it is that the FDA take a second look at these ingredients and test all food chemicals for safety.”
The article also notes that the dangerous TBHQ is not always listed as an ingredient, so even those who carefully read food labels cannot be sure these processed foods aren’t potentially toxic. 
TRENDPOST: As we continue to note since the outbreak of the COVID War, in which some 2.8 million reportedly have died over the past 15 months worldwide, considering the tons of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial ingredients, drug residues, etc., pumped into the earth, water air – and our bodies – tens of millions are dying each year from these toxins… yet, it is barely reported.
Instead, day after day=, the Presstitutes, politicians, and bureaucrats spread the fear of COVID while ignoring these deadly facts. 

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