An article appearing on 23 October in The Wall Street Journal deals with a topic repeatedly addressed in Trends Journal: that healthcare workers will choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19, often at the cost of their jobs; see, for example, “MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WOULD QUIT THEIR JOBS THAN TAKE THE JAB. WILL THEY BACK DOWN?” (14 Sep 2021).
The WSJ article cites the example of the Valley Health System, of Virginia and W. Virginia; when its 6,200 employees were ordered to take the jab, some 300 asked for and received exemptions on religious and medical grounds, but more than 200 workers resigned or were fired rather than comply.
Those workers cite reasons including suspicion of the vaccines as unproven, rushed into distribution and carrying the risks of side effects, some known and some yet unknown and possibly long-term, and that such risks are underreported. Some believe that pharmaceutical companies (i.e. drug lords) exert undue influence on vaccine policies. 
The firings and resignations caused the company to have to temporarily close two of its facilities. The company’s CEO condemned those workers for feeling that “their individual rights trump a global pandemic that’s killed so many Americans.” A public health official commented that “Just because you’re in healthcare doesn’t mean that science drives your core values.”
TRENDPOST: Translation: If you work in healthcare and refuse the jab, you’re selfish and either stupid, a “science-denier,” “misinformed and have no right to think for yourself.”
The article posits that vaccine resisters will eventually contract COVID-19, and will thus gain some degree of immunity, but that in the meantime they pose a threat to others, including children presently deemed too young to be vaccinated. This perceived risk to children is at odds with what Trends Journal has had to say on that topic; see “VAX KIDS? THE COVID RISK IS ‘TINY'” (13 Jul 2021).
Such resistors are said to be standing in the way of society reaching its current goal of 85 percent vaccinated. Whether at that point “herd immunity” will be achieved is uncertain and in fact if herd immunity is science fiction and not what is being sold as “science.”; see “JOIN THE VAXXED HERD? MANY AMERICANS SAY ‘NO'” (11 May 2021) and “HERD IMMUNITY HERESY: LIES AND DAMN LIES” (12 Oct 2021).
TREND FORECAST: Those with a vested interest (and implicit faith) in universal vaccination will continue to be confounded by healthcare workers who refuse to board the vax train; it seems a contradiction that workers who have seen firsthand the ravages of COVID-19 would not avail themselves of a readily available remedy. Trends Journal will continue to believe that healthcare workers’ vaccine resistance is precisely because they have also seen, firsthand, the ravages of the vaccines; see “NURSING HOME EMPLOYEES STILL JAB-WARY” (26 Oct 2021).

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