That a Republican “Red Wave” will happen in the midterms, as The Trends Journal goes to press, appears to be the opinion of many.

But don’t expect it to look like a surfing competition, with winners riding that perfect wave into a sunny California or Hawaian beach.

There’s likely to be a lot of turbulence starting tonight, and over the next week…or more.

One might think that advances in technology would have made voting in America, more secure, more seamless, and more quick. 

If there is such technology out there—things like blockchain voting, or the kind of “KYC” (Know Your Customer) U.S. regulators are demanding for purchases on crypto exchanges—most states sure aren’t trying to use it.

Oh, and many of the politicians who’ve been claiming that questioning the integrity of elections is tantamount to treason, are about to send armies of lawyers swarming to various key locations, to dispute results.  

As we predicted a few weeks ago, “election denial” may be getting a reprieve, starting the evening of 8 November (see “ELECTION DENIAL IS ABOUT TO GET A REPRIEVE,” 25 Oct 2022).

Democrats Signaling an Election Week of Chaos

Democrats have been signaling for weeks that citizens shouldn’t expect mid-term election results in key races to be known on election night.  Think sort of like 2000, when swarms of lawyers invaded Florida to interpret chads for Al Gore, or 2020, when a handful of crucial swing states simply decided they needed to stop counting Presidential election votes at 10:30 or 11pm, and get some sleep.

An election preview penned at The Nevada Independent scolds that with mail-in ballots now being a permanent fixture in elections, anyone daring to declare victory on election night is—you guessed it—an election denier:

“If anyone declares victory on Election Night, considering mail can come in for four days and be cured for six days, be suspicious. Both sides know what the law says—a law the Dems passed last year—so if anyone declares victory, that person is an election law denier. The count will not have stopped, and thousands of more ballots could be counted. Don’t forget that.”

Yes, Republicans declaring victory on election night might be breaking the law!

The New York Times and other MSM outlets are busy setting expectations with helpful articles like “It Took Two Weeks to Call Every State in 2020 This Is When to Expect Results This Year,” (posted 7 Nov 2022).

“Election center” pages are in overdrive conditioning voters on what specific races are expected to have delays.

Here’s a hint: they’re the ones that will decide who controls the House and Senate, and key governorship races: PA, GA, WI, NV, AK, AZ and MI.  How long could results be delayed?  Anywhere from next day, to 16 days in the case of Georgia, according to the Times.

And get a load of the tweet that Politico, scourge of “election deniers” for the past two years, put out on 7 November:

“The 2020 presidential election was rife with allegations of voting machine hacks that were later debunked.

“Yet there are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote.https://t.co/kDij1J08eU”

“— POLITICO (@politico) November 7, 2022”

Some things are just too easy to predict.

Pennsylvania, which saw Biden, Obama and Trump all descend on the state for last minute rallies in the past few days, provides a case in point at the sorry state of elections that will likely result in sowing more distrust and division in an already stark political divide.

As Sam Faddis recently pointed out in AND Magazine:

“For two years, Patriot groups all around Pennsylvania have called on the state legislature to do its duty and fix the horribly broken election system in the state. The rules change constantly. Virtually all safeguards have been removed from the system. No one really understands what to do, and the opportunities for theft and fraud are endless.”

Yes, welcome to a big messy banana republic worthy wave of manipulation, chaos, and spiraling discontent. The forecast has been in the winds for quite a while.

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