Remember the good ol’ days before the turn of the century, when election results were tallied and declared on election night?

Don’t expect anything like the good ol’ days, come this 8th of November.

The MSM is busy, conditioning the electorate to expect that the results of the midterm elections likely won’t be known for days.

Sound similar to 2020?

At least in 2020, with a COVID War in full swing, reasons for delays could be attached to pandemic exigencies.

Of course, with Donald Trump holding significant leads in a number of battleground states, oh, about 10:30 pm eastern time on election night 2020, a group of states decided, well, they just needed to go to sleep and stop counting until the following morning.

As if that had happened before, like in…NEVER.

This year, fatigue with absurd dictates of politicians and experts have taken COVID off the table.

But that won’t stop the election chaos, the swarms of lawyers running around on election night, and the media breathlessly reporting irregularities and chaos as citizens here, there and everywhere may have had their voting rights usurped, and more time is needed to accept ballots, count ballots, and ensure a “fair” election process.

Look for losers–who right now, are shaping up to be an awful lot of Democrats–to suddenly be very vocal election deniers.

And look for the MSM to turn on a dime, as though they never said denying an election was tantamount to treason and deeply destructive to American democracy.

Election deniers will be once and future kings and queens (and they, their and its) again…

The Zero Hour of Modern Election Denial

As a young reporter still in college in the mid 1980’s, working at WJJB (“98 Fame”), a radio station broadcasting in the Hudson Valley region and owned by legendary DJ “Cousin Brucie” Morrow, this journalist was tasked with reporting election results from the County Board of Elections office.

The evening was certainly hectic in the early hours. But by 11pm, the place was basically ready to wrap up the process.  Audio reports given by telephone were available and winners and losers of local and state races were known.

And of course, the Presidential contest of 1984, pitting incumbent Ronald Reagan against longtime Minnesota Senator Walter “Fritz” Mondale, was among the most lopsided in the history of the Republic.

It all changed in 2000. Al Gore, patient zero of election denialism, sent a horde of lawyers to contest several close counties in Florida that might swing the state into his electoral college count column, if only enough hanging chads could be interpreted to his advantage.

The Supreme Court stepped in and finally put a stop to Team Gore’s effort after several weeks of unprecedented uncertainty regarding who would be the next President.

A veritable pantheon of future Democrat candidates for President, including John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all characterized George W. Bush’s presidency illegitimate. They used rhetoric like “selected, not elected,” etc.

They were literally the marquee, ultra-fashionable election deniers of modern electoral chaos.

In 2016, when Hillary just couldn’t wrap her mind around how she could possibly have been less appetizing to voters than Donald Trump, again faulted the election for being illegitimate, and led a movement of “Resistance” to Trump’s presidency.

There was widespread violence and attempts to disrupt Trump’s inauguration, amply captured on video that MSM now pretends doesn’t exist.

Elements within the government bureaucratic agencies—which are supposed to carry out the policies of the people’s choice for their leadership in a non-partisan way—actively worked against Trump policies and leaked info meant to damage the President and his administration.

Most notoriously, the intelligence agencies that Chuck Schumer warned—or rather, threatened—Trump about, gleefully took the bullshit ball about Russian collusion concocted by Hillary Clinton operatives, and dogged Trump for his entire Presidency with drip-drip allegations and a drawn out Independent Counsel investigation.

Schumer had told Trump, via an MSNBC interview: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community—they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

Yes, indeed.

The intelligence community was instrumental in not one, but two Trump impeachments. They gave disinfo and an alibi to a mainstream media to relentlessly disparage and smear Trump as a Russian stooge, a would-be destroyer of the NATO alliance, and a dictator ready to pervert the military to establish himself as dictator for life.

The intelligence community and FBI treated BLM rioters with kid gloves, and fed information to Facebook that created a plausible reason to ban damaging info on Hunter Biden’s laptop that by itself, might’ve swayed the election if honestly reported.

So it was that in 2020, thanks to 500 million in “Zuckerbucks” changing elections laws, “Russia Russia Russia,” a BLM orgy of violence, and a strangely predicted pandemic, a doddering candidate named Joe Biden became President.

He couldn’t fill an average highschool gym with supporters at the few campaign events his team bothered to try to hold. He barely campaigned for the office at all, by any normal historical standard for how campaigns are conducted.

But he garnered 80 million votes. More than Obama in his prime. 

Anyone who questioned, the media collusion, the intelligence agency collusion, the hundreds of millions in Zuckerbucks, the banned laptop, the censored voices on social media platforms, the election oddities and irregularities became election deniers.

Enemies of democracy.

Spreaders of misinformation, ripe candidates for re-education camps.

But come this 8th of November, that view of Election Denial will become…well, so last week. Election denial will be not only patriotic, but cool again.

Sort of like what Russia-Ukraine has done for war and nuclear bombs.

Late Breaking:

These days, it’s getting hard to forecast fast enough to keep ahead of going from “conspiracy theory” to fact.

As we went to press, Attorney General Merrick Garland was announcing a new Justice Department mobilization against—you guessed it—election “infrastructure threats” from homegrown extremists.

And Hillary Clinton chimed in right on time with a statement shamelessly signaling that election denial is cool again:

“Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”


— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 25, 2022

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