By Bradley J. Steiner, American Combato
When that awful moment arrives and it’s time to trip the wire and go after your assailant (either preemptively, or after he’s seized, grabbed, shoved, or menacingly moved in on you, etc.) there can be no success, no matter how hard you’ve trained, and no matter how excellent the quality of skills may be that you have trained in, unless YOU make the decision to GO! 
Re-read the above paragraph. Re-read it several times.
Make sure that the message “sinks in”.
We have been teaching now for more than 50 years. We have been teaching our own System since 1975, when it was developed—so we’ve been teaching American Combato for 43 years. Since imparting the basics and principles and core techniques of American Combato (and, for the last 20+ years having had the great privilege of having our top student, Prof. Mark Bryans, imparting this to students, also) we have had many students use their skills successfully against all sorts of dangerous, violent attackers.
Some of these students have been males, some females; some relatively young, some older; some very well conditioned athletes, others typical working people with no particular or outstanding physical prowess; but all shared this single factor that enabled them to use the high-quality battle-tested techniques which had been taught to them: WHEN THAT CRITICAL MOMENT ARRIVED AND THEY NEEDED TO COMMAND THEMSELVES INTO DECISIVE, AGGRESSIVE, FURIOUS SELF-PROTECTIVE ACTION, THEY DID SO! 
In many cases the skill level of the student who successfully used our methods to defend him or herself was quite fundamental . . . not even approaching the halfway point toward first degree black belt . . . but they acted fast and ferociously, and it worked.
We can, through teaching, ensure that any student in normal good health and possessing serious interest and average, or possibly even below average strength, learns exactly how to handle an attacker. We can (and we do) encourage, counsel, and work with any sincere and serious student until they know exactly what to do, how to do it, and understand the factors necessary to enable them to do it well.
But when it comes down to the critical moment, we cannot make that all-important decision for any student. And that decision is the very simple one to go after their attacker(s) with wild animal fury, and to save their lives by rendering their extra-legal threat KAPUT! 
Whether we teach you personally, or you study and train in our skills via our DVD Home Study Course, you need to understand that your made up mind is all-important, and that—when the time comes—it presses you into appropriate action, should you be so unfortunate as to be attacked and endangered by violent scum.
No techniques or system of close combat and self-defense can do its job unless the individual actually uses it, and uses it will all-out force, when the time and the need arises. Just having the skill is not, by itself, enough. 
Quite some years ago studies were undertaken of American soldiers in military combat (war). It was discovered that very few of them actually used the marksmanship skills that they had proven they possessed in basic training to actually shoot enemy soldiers in battle. These men demonstrated very clearly at the rifle range that they qualified (sometimes so well they were awarded “expert marksman” badges after training) to use their rifles to hit enemies in combat.
The problem was, when it came down to it, these men could not muster what it took to use their skills for real; to fire those rifles with which they had proven themselves to be qualified, when and where it really and finally counted.
This has happened with law enforcement people as well, and there are many instances of it happening with people possessing black belt level skill in one or another “martial art”. 
SET YOUR MENTAL TRIGGER! Do so finally and absolutely before any crisis hits. We offer several self-hypnosis programs that can assist anyone in doing this; but many serious students can work it out on their own. The important thing is that it finally, definitely, unequivocally, and absolutely must be worked out.
By doing so you can rest easy in the knowledge that, should the need arise, your attacker will—by his own despicable actions—trigger his own destruction. Knowing that your techniques are the best and that you are without doubt prepared to use them all-out if necessary, provides a settled self-confidence that is priceless, and that very few people enjoy. 

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