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By Gary Null PhD
There remain looming questions for those who have taken the vaccines and who will eventually be taking the boosters. A fundamental question is: What are the consequences if it is revealed that the information we are relying upon for the urgency to get vaccinated is not valid?
If this is the case, then is there another agenda?  And what is that agenda and how would we know?  How would you feel if you got vaccinated because you believed it was your patriotic duty to do so, and then discover that the larger medical community and the U.S. government has been intentionally covering up all of the adverse side effects of hundreds of thousands of injuries among vaccinated Americans, many with permanent disabilities?
Or the tens of thousands who have died from these experimental gene therapy drugs? If you had known this beforehand, would you have been vaccinated?  If our health officials were completely honest and transparent, and if the mainstream media had even a blemish of journalistic integrity to report the facts objectively, it is very doubtful that many people would have willingly been vaccinated. 
Clearly many experts in virology, immunology and epidemiology are missing red flags and warnings that are visibly and blatantly evident in the federal health agencies’ own websites and statements. Many of these have been apparent from the very beginning.
Around the world, we are observing serious vaccine injuries and deaths in excess of any previous medical intervention for preventing or treating an illness in modern history. This should warrant a consumer-beware alert because not a single government oversight agency nor the media has brought this to the public’s attention. 
Another red flag has been the public pronouncements made by highly qualified physicians and academics who are citing the actual peer-reviewed data to confirm that the Covid-19 vaccine risks far outweigh their benefits.
Among them is one of the co-inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone, as well as renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, medical professors at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Oxford, and many physicians on the front lines who are treating patients.
These are the voices that have conducted the necessary forensic investigations to evaluate the data and statistics meticulously before drawing any conclusions that there is sound evidence to mandate the vaccines. Nevertheless, each is very pro-vaccine. But they are not pro-Covid-19 vaccines.
None of them have any prior controversy in their backgrounds and careers. They are mainstream, orthodox medical professionals, board certified, and authors of peer-reviewed literature. 
Unfortunately, this is not the message the media is telling the public. Rather these seasoned medical professionals are being ruthlessly attacked, fired from jobs, gaslighted and canceled while being lumped into the dustbin of anti-vaxxers along with QAnon, white supremacist racism and Trump followers.
They are portrayed as threats against the vaccinated and national security at large. 
Another red flag is the media speaking in a single voice on all of these issues as if they receive their marching orders directly from the halls of Washington. With very few exceptions, the media is not entertaining open forums and debates between the advocates of the CDC’s and the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda and its critics. 
Rather there is categorical condemnation of anyone who dissents, including average American citizens who happen to have done their homework and discovered that the White House’s equation of 1 plus 1 equals 3 is wrong.
In fact, prior to the pandemic, survey after survey found that it is the highly educated class, those with advanced degrees, who make up the largest contingent of those who are vaccine hesitant. This is particularly true of parents in the professional class who were once very pro-vaccine before their child suffered irreversible neurological damage, including autism, shortly after vaccination.
Finally, there is the growing number of healthcare workers in the frontlines who observe daily a reality at odds with the fairy tales propagated by Washington’s medical bureaucrats. First hand observation and experience in emergency rooms and urgent care clinics reveal a completely different narrative to what the mainstream media wants us to believe.
Furthermore, there has been a blackout in reporting on the dire failures of the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and preliminary evidence that it accounts for a minimum of 25 percent of all vaccine-related injuries and deaths. 
The government health agencies led by the White House are arguing that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and therefore those who refuse to be vaccinated should be punished. This is another red flag because there is no sound, unbiased evidence to substantiate this decree of blind faith rather than the actual science-based statistics.
This dangerous narrative has reached the height of lunacy in statements made by a CNN host, who is on record stating that unvaccinated persons who get sick should be deprived medical attention ahead of the vaccinated. Hospital and critical care unit medical services should first be provided to those who do their patriotic duty to get vaccinated. If this echoes of medical fascism then there is some truth in this analogy. 
One of the most important and egregious red flags has been the criminal negligence by the government, the private Covid-19 vaccine makers and the media to advocate for the compensation of healthcare costs for the vaccine injured. The vaccine makers successfully lobbied our legislators to be indemnified of any financial responsibility and wrong-doing for debilitating adverse vaccine events.
In the meantime, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J are racking in tens of billions of dollar profits from these so-called vaccines. In other words, the vaccine injured patients will likely cover the costs of their injuries unless they manage to get past the thoroughly corrupt government-controlled vaccine compensation court, which can take years to resolve a case. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, compensation is denied. 
We should have learned by now that there is no reason whatsoever to trust the mainstream on reporting events truthfully. This is the same corporate liberal media with its compromised commentators and opinion leaders that broadcasted rubbish for over 4-years about Russia’s interference in the U.S. elections.
Despite John Durham’s recent indictment last week and the Steele dossier’s fakery to expose a very real conspiracy at the heart of the Clinton political machinery, we are sure to not hear a single journalist acknowledge their errors.
The same was true for many of these same journalists who preached about the existence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and many other stories history has proven false.
Therefore, why should there be any sound reason to believe a mainstream journalist’s reports and commentaries about the Covid-19 vaccines’ safety and efficacy profile? Their reports of being culpable and wrong in the past are easily documented.
If any truth is to be unearthed that will shed light about an alternative agenda behind the push to vaccinate the nation, it will come from whistleblowers and dissenters who have everything to lose except their conscience. And this means to expose the truth at the cost of reputations and careers.
As Trump is slowly but gradually forgotten as a weird blip in the history of conservative America, and Biden’s popularity rating plummets, it is no wonder that more people are turning off the blabbering pundits of the mainstream media and tuning into alternative voices.
This trend will continue and it is one reason why independent media voices such as Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore and hundreds of others are gaining a larger audience than the mainstream networks. 

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