by Gregory Mannarino, TradersChoice.net
Make no mistake about it. The global economy WILL NOT be allowed to reopen by design.
What is the end game here?
SIMPLE. Allow the central banks to finish what they started: to be the lender and buyer of last resort. 
From their inception, central banks have had one goal: To own it all. And what better way to pull that off other than causing a shutdown of the world economy and then NOT ALLOWING IT TO REOPEN?
Let’s cover recent events. 
Currently, there is a cargo ship wedged in the Suez Canal that is causing major supply disruptions across the globe. 
Here is the truth: they can move the ship at any time they want, and they will at a time of their choosing.
This ship wedged in the canal is their latest effort to keep the global economy, and hence the money velocity from moving higher. 
Money velocity is the rate at which cash moves through the economy, which, just last week, hit a record low. Central banks need the money velocity to stay low, a concept I have outlined previously in the Trends Journal. (See my 21 July article, “THE ENGINEERED EXTINCTION OF THE USD.”)
This allows central banks to inflate on a massive scale and, therefore, move closer to becoming the owners of everything. As a recent example, in just the last year, the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has ballooned 100 percent. The higher the Fed’s balance sheet inflates, the higher the stock market will go.
Generally, when an “accident” of the magnitude of a ship blocking a major supply route occurs, a major investigation ensues… but, what are we hearing? SILENCE.
Prior to the blockage of the Suez Canal, a major supply route, several countries around the world again instituted more lockdowns, which I had said would happen as “new and worse variants” of the COVID virus keep springing up.
Moreover, here are some other events I believe will happen:

  1. Expect new COVID variants to mysteriously pop up.
  2. Expect more re-shutdowns of economies around the world despite record amounts of people getting the jab.
  3. Expect reports of COVID cases continuing to rise.
  4. Expect more supply/supply route disruptions. (Just this past weekend, an Indonesian oil refinery was leveled to the ground. A lightning strike is being blamed.)

As I started off in this article, the world economy will not be allowed to reopen until the central banks have finished their grand plan and the fulfillment of their endgame which is, again, to own it all.
As we now stand, central banks around the world are indeed awfully close to fulfilling their objective, so BE READY FOR ANYTHING!

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