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by Gregory Mannarino,
The U.S. dollar, in its current form, is going the way of the Dodo bird.
Today, there exists 1.93 trillion of actual, physical printed dollars. This 1.93 trillion can verified on the Federal Reserve’s website.
The remainder of U.S. dollars, numbering in the quadrillions (if you were to count dollar derivatives), do not exist – they appear on a computer screen in digital form only. In other words, they are not real.
The end game for the U.S. dollar in its present form is well underway, with the next phase being a 100 percent digital, blockchain based system.
The current fiat dollar system has run its course, and, at this time, the Federal Reserve is in the process of burning up as much of the dollar, again in its current form, as they possibly can. Never before in financial history has a central bank embarked on more massive, record-shattering binge of debt issuance and asset purchases. Moreover, we have politicians, right up to the President of the United States, calling on the Fed to issue even more debt – in the form of trillions in economic stimulus and outright debt purchases – to keep the suppressed-rate environment going.
The current Scamdemic was, and is by design, a deliberate, well-thought-out and executed plan to shut down the global economy for one reason: to kill the money velocity.
“Money velocity” is the rate at which cash moves, or changes hands, in an economy. By killing the money velocity, it allows the Federal Reserve to print, create, and add to a digital screen any amount of capital/cash they desire, which they can then use to issue more debt and buy more assets.
Because there is no money velocity, which they killed by design, the global economy stops. Therefore, despite epic creation of cash out of thin air, there is no chance of creating inflation at this time.
Since the Federal Reserve’s creation in 1913, its grand plan has been to be the lender, buyer, and, therefore, the owner of everything, using a product they alone have complete control over: the U.S. dollar.
 Today, the U.S. dollar is the world reserve currency. This gives the Fed more power than any other organization on the planet.
Being the world reserve currency creates an ever-increasing demand for dollars via the petrodollar system. OPEC nations have agreed to price their oil in U.S. dollars for guaranteed U.S. military protection of their oil. And OPEC pricing their oil in U.S. dollars demands that any nation wishing to buy oil must first convert their currency to U.S. dollars, thereby creating massive dollar demand.
This system is not going anywhere, as it is guaranteed by the military might of the United States.
What will be going away, however, is the U.S. dollar in its current form… and sooner than many might think. There will come a time when you can show your grandchildren paper “money” and say, “Back in the day, we used these to buy things.”
A full-on, blockchain based dollar gives the Federal Reserve absolute control over its currency and transactions. Every single transaction can be – and will be – closely monitored.
Being that 99 percent of currency already is not on the elemental chart, (meaning it exists in digital form only), makes the change to a blockchain based, all-digital dollar as easy as flipping a switch.
The good news with all this is straightforward. In whatever form they want to create currency, it will not change the fact that physical gold and silver will stay real money. Everything else will remain credit; credit as in a “credit card” will also be debt.
So, what’s the bottom line?
They will play their game, and we will play ours. We know their game, which makes our counter-game simple.
We can bet against any debt-based system by holding an anti-debt unit, for which both gold and silver are anti-debt units. Understand, the debt-based system is not going away because it gives central banks all their power. Being that none of our world leaders have the guts, nor the power, to stop their central bank from issuing more debt, the situation will get much worse.
And then… in a poof… our U.S. greenbacks will be gone.

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