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As reported in the article “GUN SALES SHOOTING UP” in this week’s Trends Journal, owning a gun in the United States is a strong and growing trend. Gun sales in the USA are going through the roof. With people fearful that an economically locked-down society coupled with a rise in protests, many of which are violent, will devolve the nation into more crime and violence.
According to the FBI, background check requests for firearms went up 136 percent compared to a year ago.
It’s easy to think that survival during chaotic, turbulent times (in an urban or any other setting) is primarily a matter of obtaining and being ready to use firearms.
The truth, however, is that while firearms and the ability to use them, if necessary, are a part of total preparedness, they are only a part.
You cannot eat firearms or ammunition, nor can you use them to stay warm in freezing cold weather. You can’t use them to supply yourself and your family with drinking water, money to spend on necessities, or a dozen other things that, until or unless a lethally dangerous situation arises you cannot avoid, are all infinitely more important than guns and ammo.
Should Tyranny and Repression Strike
My view is that certain skills of a unique kind are far more important than most people realize. Skills that enable you to live quietly without attracting attention and enable you to take care of yourself and your family without conflicts and controversy.
So, what kinds of skills permit this?
Perhaps the best that can be had are those intelligence agencies impart to operatives within their ranks who are going to work in what in the business calls a “denied area.”
A denied area is a place where, if the operative is noticed, investigated, and apprehended, he may find himself facing 20 or more years in a horrific prison.
Or, he may find himself standing before a firing squad or climbing the steps to a hangman’s noose. In short, the intelligence officer who works in a denied area is working in an environment where he is unwelcome and regarded as a very serious criminal. His mission will be to carry out important work for his agency that is illegal in that country, while appearing to be a harmless, uninteresting, everyday person who hardly bears paying much attention to.
Notice, please, that this is very similar to how you, whether living alone or with loved ones, will need to live if and when tyranny and repression truly become the new ABnormal, and you are obliged to remain where you now reside.
First, you do not want to attract undo attention to yourself. You do not want to associate yourself among those considered to have any radical (or even unusual or “interesting”) convictions – be it at work, school, or even living in the same neighborhood.
Since you do not know who might hear your conversations or those who have heard you previously talk about what you believe in, you’ll want to be uninteresting and essentially noncontroversial in every way.
Remember, we are speaking of a time when, at least for the nonce, the “bad guys” have won. Dialog, discussions, and meetings in which lectures and speeches are made about how the evil that is “coming” may be fought, etc., are no longer sensible or possible without the certainty of arrest and severe curtailment of whatever self-serving survival actions may be possible if you remain anonymous.
If, at some future date, you are a part of any resistance or survival group, absolute, shut-mouth secrecy about it is the first rule for all who may be involved. You do not exist. So, just as the secret agent who works for an intelligence agency must appear, while residing and operating in a denied area, to be a person of no particular interest or concern, so, too, you must be. Serious counseling of your family members must enjoin them to cooperate 100 percent in this regard.
Second, just as the intelligence officer must never fail to carry out his essential assignment, so must you and your family continue without being obvious, conspicuous, noticeable, or controversial to work continuously for your mutual well-being, survival, protection, and long-term self-interest.
This is, for instance, exactly what you would need to do if you were living today in Mainland China or Russia. Do not believe the conditions in those totalitarian countries “cannot happen here.”
In fact, may God help us, some of those conditions already are starting to happen in the U.S. If the forces of evil keep wining, it is up us to work hard and pray hard they do not. Open defiance and moronic bravado simply will serve to insure your destruction.
The basic rule of guerrilla warfare: Never go head-to-head with a stronger enemy. Israel’s Secret Service, the Mossad, hold as their motto: “By means of deception, thou shalt do war.” Keep that in mind.
A real Special Forces soldier or CIA operative in the clandestine services wouldn’t and couldn’t take on a police department armed with the knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and possession of a knife, as we saw Stallone do in “Rambo.”
In the real world, subterfuge, guile, clandestinity, and secret warfare are what the professionals employ… and are what they’re all about.
Let me tell you now about some excellent tactics that were used by our enemies during the Cold War. Evil is not synonymous with stupid; and, believe me, the Russian intelligence machinery was not then and is not now anything less than very competent. And, as with most intelligence, they are terrifyingly ruthless.
When Russian agents were able to recruit those whom they referred to as “fellow travellers” in the West, to work for the Soviet cause, here is the first order of instruction these individuals received:

  • Cancel all subscriptions to any left-leaning publications,
  • Leave any clubs, groups, organizations, or circles of friends who are communist sympathizers,
  • Never express a single sentiment favorable to the socialist cause. In fact, speak out (if you speak at all) vehemently against socialism.
  • As far as everyone around you/associated with you/or in any way in communication with you is able to tell, become a lover of the American way of life and an enemy of Soviet communist ideology.

Contrast this with how Americans traditionally have always been: Up front with our patriotism; speaking out loud for our love of country and our belief in liberty and free enterprise. Americans need to learn to be devious and deceptive. In secret intelligence work, this is, of course, standard operating procedure. That is why I say we must look to the skills of the spy, if you will, and adopt his tactics and methods if and when we find ourselves dealing with conditions of overwhelming oppression.
I learned many different skills and aspects of that which is popularly referred to as “tradecraft,” which I teach in addition to armed and unarmed self-defense.
The following may not be palatable to you, and if at first glance it turns you off, please pass it over. I must, however, in good conscience tell you that much of which may seem to be “too extreme” and “excessive” now may someday be skills you wish you had acquired.
Three subjects I recommend be studied:

  1. Urban Escape and Evasion
  2. Underground Organization and Resistance
  3. Clandestine Operational Skills

1. Urban Escape and Evasion – key points:

  • How to escape from captivity
  • Thwarting kidnap and isolation control
  • Dealing skillfully with your captors: deceiving them/planning for escape/undertaking escape
  • Surviving temporarily as a prisoner
  • Evading pursuers
  • Using hides and making use of opportunities for concealment and evasion of your pursuers in the urban setting

2. Underground Organization and Resistance
For this, I suggest you obtain, read, and study the following books:

  • Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies by Andrew Molnar. This book contains, almost verbatim, the entire course in the mechanics of unconventional warfare that is taught at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (the training school of the U.S. Army’s “Special Forces”).
  • Resistance to Tyranny by Joseph P. Martino. A comprehensive primer on exactly what the title says.
  • Secret Forces by Ferdinand O. Miksche. A classic on guerrilla warfare and the use of small forces to overcome larger forces.

3. Clandestine Operational Skills – key points:

  • Methods of disguise
  • How to lie effectively
  • How to discover surveillance
  • Evading foot and vehicle surveillance
  • Avoiding determined pursuers
  • Resisting interrogation
  • High performance driving
  • Secret methods of communicating and meeting
  • Safe houses
  • How to make and use one-time pads for secret written messages
  • Escape networks
  • Use of dead drops and accommodation addresses
  • How to secure a hotel or motel room when traveling

A smart warrior knows not only when to do battle, but also when not to do battle.
 Integral to that which is referred to as the “tradecraft” of secret intelligence work is training in what is known as the “Gray Man Theory.” This means being neither black nor white, if either would distinguish and label you as conspicuous in your leanings.
Gray is innocuous, nothing special, ordinary, like everyone else… it’s no threat to any part of the established regime or the popular beliefs of whatever idiots may exist around you. (I know this may be distasteful.)
If you are a lover of the America that was bequeathed to us by our Nation’s Founders, as I assume those who read the Trends Journal are, then part of you must be screaming, “Dammit, I am not going to pretend I believe in this crap we’re being buried in! I’m going to speak up! I’m going to fight back!”
Well, all I can tell you is that such an attitude prompting such behavior if and when, as I said, the “bad guys” win and you are living in a major city with no option to leave, will only get you into hot water… and fast! You will make no headway, achieve no real gains, and accomplish only your own imprisonment.
Realize, as Dr. David Seabury once wrote, “The more unusual the problem, the more unusual must be the solution.” America is facing a highly unusual problem: betrayal from within and abandonment of recognition of the very law of the land.
As Judge Andrew Napolitano made clear in his speech at Gerald Celente’s “Unite for Peace and Restore Freedom” 4th of July Rally, there has been an abandonment of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The world is now on its head, and a lot of power-lusting, wealthy psychopaths across the globe are hellbent on tipping over their nations as well.
And, as it appears, they seem to be succeeding.
If they do, and if you and your loved ones find yourselves trapped (let us hope not permanently) within the confines of, say, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Mumbai, Beijing, or wherever, then the tactics I am describing can be your means of staying free of the clutches of whatever destructive powers may then reign.
Also, they may enable you, and all of us, to one day reacquire the grandeur, glory, benevolence, and the civilized society of the America we once loved.
Disclaimer: Neither the author, Gerald Celente, the Trends Journal, nor any of their heirs or assigns advocates or condones any breaking of any laws or antisocial conduct. This article is offered for informational purposes only.

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