“Celente, Roberts, Null” video is a gem

Global master forecaster Gerald Celente is joined by geopolitical powerhouse Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and natural-healing icon Gary Null in a riveting, enthralling five-hour video filmed in front of a live audience and released recently by the Trends Research Institute at this link.

“Celente, Roberts, Null” brings together three fearless and powerful analytic thinkers in a sweeping exploration of essential trend lines in geopolitics, economics, morality and health and well-being. Throughout, these legendary voices meticulously identify risks to avoid and opportunities to seize.

Ask anyone who was there. This video stands by itself for compelling insights, intellectual courage and useful, actionable information.

Purchase 30-day access to the video here. Subscribers receive a 50 percent discount.

Here’s what people are saying about “Celente, Null, Roberts:”

Wow – great videos, fantastic! I would’ve loved to have met Dr Paul Craig Roberts (if I’d been able to attend), and was riveted to his video clip – what an honest and heartfelt talk he gave. Simply marvelous! Many thanks for an excellent series of interviews and discussions 🙂 Cheers, Jeremy

No propaganda, no advertisements, no BS. Wow not being an US citizen still proud of your work Gerald, thanks…, Luisa

Great videos!!! We need to keep a conversation going on how to widen our circle. We should be as creative as possible, Ranger

This is the truth that should set us free. What an insightful overview, illuminating the roots of the world geopolitical demise, unless Dr.Paul Craig Robert’s NATO solution doesn’t unfold! Let us all call,write or e-mail our local,state and especially U.S.House and Senate representatives and urge/demand that they each subscribe to www.trendsresearch.com, then purchase and LISTEN to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts! Occupy Peace through the education of (our?) representation. They are the ones that can stop this madness. The cognitive dissonance can be broken. How could one believe in GOD,goodness or America and continue our countries action? For this is what we see. Or have we (they,our? government) Vote for those that will avoid foreign entanglements! Or don’t vote! They held an election and no one came for there were none to vote FOR! John Eric



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