Beyond rate hike hysteria not what it seems

In the upcoming edition of the Trends Journal, respected economist and Trends Research Institute contributing analyst Nomi Prins explores the continuing angst over when and by how much the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.

Trying to read the tea leaves on the rate hike, anxiously anticipated after the Fed’s unprecedented seven-year policy of keeping them at zero, “overlooks the fact that actions speak louder than overanalyzed words,” according to Prins and the institute’s tracking on this issue.

In our Bankism forecast for 2015, written by Prins almost a year ago, we stated: “Central-bank subsidies of the banking system (or “bankism”), via the recent overreaching power grab of the Federal Reserve — and by competitive necessity, other elite central-bank entities — have artificially provided the appearance of financial stability, but not the reality.

Rates haven’t gone up yet, in large part and as we have continually reported, because not even modest financial stability has been achieved under Zero Interest Rate Policy, and emerging economies worldwide are recession bound.

Read Prin’s forecast in the Fall 2015 Trends Journal publishing in early November. In the meantime, remember Gerald Celente’s edict: Think for Yourself. Follow the facts not the talking heads nonsense.

We forecast that the US and major world economies have stepped into a new arena, one unable to avoid extreme volatility. That will necessitate more desperate measures by central banks to neutralize the effects of failing economies, but at some point soon the tool box empties and the fundamental deficiencies of global economies are exposed.

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