Trends Journal reported earlier this year on British Columbia’s massive drive to vaccinate the Canadian province’s entire population; see “BRITISH COLUMBIA ROLLING OUT VAX FOR ‘EVERY CITIZEN’” (26 Jan 2021). That article told of a Trends Journal reader and “concerned citizen” of B.C. who foresaw that a vaccine card or “passport” would be required, “stripping people who decline the vax of basic human rights.”
The extent to which that has come to pass is evident in an update, issued on 14 October by British Columbia’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, of the province’s policy regarding proof of COVID-19 vaccination. 
Among the premises of the policy are that COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada have “proven highly effective” at protecting against infection and serious illness. Another is the importance of policies regarding vaccination maintaining consistency with B.C.’s Human Rights Code, which prohibits discrimination based on place of origin, religion, physical or mental disability, family status or other factors.
But the BCOHRC acknowledges that “vaccination status policies,” which include requiring proof of vaccination (the BC Vaccine Card) do indeed “treat people differently based on whether they have been vaccinated,” such as restricting unvaccinated individuals from accessing certain facilities, events, businesses and services.
However, the BCOHRC has found a way to interpret its own human rights and discrimination rules in such a way that the government’s view of the health and safety needs of the public at large take precedence over individual rights to privacy and to making one’s own decisions based on highly personal factors. 
“No one’s safety should be put at risk because of others’ personal choices not to receive a vaccine,” is one of the ways that B.C.’s alleged guardians of human rights manage to frame a proof-of-vaccination requirement as being “justified from a human rights perspective.” 
The policy statement further declares that “a person who chooses not to get vaccinated as a matter of personal preference—especially where that choice is based on misinformation or misunderstandings of scientific information—does not have grounds for a human rights complaint” against the implementation of a vaccination status policy. 
TRENDPOST: Are you getting this? If you choose to not be vaccinated, it’s most likely because you are stupid and you’ve fallen victim to “misinformation,” or to your failure to “follow the science.” 
But not to worry: the policy takes pains to consider that “some vaccinated individuals may still face barriers accessing proof of their vaccination status,” such as “two-spirit, trans, and non-binary people whose government ID and legal documents may contain incorrect names and inaccurate gender markers,” and to caution that “compassion and flexibility” must be employed when dealing with “marginalized groups.”
TREND FORECAST: If your government wants to vaccinate you, they’ll vaccinate you, even if they have to find (or create) loopholes in their own “anti-discrimination” and “human rights” laws to do so. And again, totally ignored is the bullshit that has been sold to the public by politicians and Presstitutes that once a person is vaxxed, their odds are 96 percent that they won’t get the coronavirus. Therefore, if those who are vaxxed are safe, why force those who have not gotten the shot to be vaccinated? What happened to “My Body, My Choice?”
And to further illustrate the nonsense that those who are unvaxxed are spreading danger, on Sunday it was reported that Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary tested positive for the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated. Indeed, Ms. Psaki is a member of the most vaccinated segment of America, and yet she still contracted the virus. 
Indeed, as we have reported on 3 August, the vaccinated are COVID spreaders. We wrote that the CDC released internal documents that revealed fully vaccinated people who come down with the virus can spread the infection to others at the same rate as those who are unvaccinated. See “CDC VAX FACTS: IS THE TRUTH BEING TOLD?” 

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