When the COVID War began in 2020, realizing that mayhem would follow in many directions, there was a mass rush across America to buy guns. 
In 2016 California lawmakers imposed a limit on the capacity of firearm magazines, prohibiting possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds, claiming such a limit would help prevent mass shootings; see “MASS SHOOTINGS ON THE RISE” (15 Jun 2021). Californians then voted to make violation of that prohibition a misdemeanor.
Last year a federal appeals court blocked enforcement of that rule, saying it doubted the rule would have any effect on mass shootings and noting that it violated the Second Amendment. It was the first time that a U.S. federal appeals court had struck down a state law limiting magazine capacity.
Now, reports The Wall Street Journal on 1 December, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 7-4 ruling on 30 November, has upheld the state’s prohibition, claiming that it “minimally burdened Second Amendment rights,” adding that it was a “minor and reasonable restriction on gun rights that aimed to limit the carnage of mass shootings.” 
The WSJ informs us that, of the four dissenting judges, three had been appointed by Pres. Donald Trump. It quotes one of the dissenting judges, Lawrence VanDyke, who said “The majority of our court distrusts gun owners and thinks the Second Amendment is a vestigial organ of their living constitution.”
TRENDPOST: Once again, this is pure political stupidity. In terms of finding ways to infringe upon Americans’ Constitutionally-protected Right to Keep and Bear Arms, California’s magazine restrictions accomplish nothing. 
What Americans fail to realize is that the fish rots from the head down. Go through the list of maniacal U.S. presidents who started wars and slaughtered millions just recently! By orders of the President, it is the American way to kill anyone, anywhere for any reason. 
Therefore, if the President of the United States can declare Hussein, Assad, Qaddafi, etc., “has to go,” why shouldn’t some mentally deranged individual feel free to follow their leader? 
To further illustrate the political ignorance of the latest gun law restriction, a maniac who is intent upon committing murder, can do it very effectively with a 10 round magazine… and have a few more handy in case their needed. 
TRENDPOST: And while mass shootings do appear, tragically, to be on the rise, so too is gang activity and social unrest—see “LOS ANGELES: HAIL, HAIL, THE GANGS ALL HERE” (12 Jan 2021) and “WALMART BACKTRACKS ON PLAN TO PULL GUNS FROM STORE SHELVES” (3 Nov 2020)—resulting in more and more Americans realizing that they are their own first line of defense when confronted by violence. 
And so more and more Americans are choosing to arm themselves, particularly those in demographics not traditionally predisposed toward firearms ownership; see “WOMEN GOING FOR GUNS” (21 Sep 2021). Even for such new or first-time gun owners, limiting magazine capacity (and thus limiting their ability to defend themselves) makes little sense. 
Besides, even the term “high capacity magazine” is (like “assault rifle”) a misnomer which in effect cedes part of the argument to the anti-gun contingent. As it happens, a 17-round magazine for a Glock 17, for example, or a 14- or 15-round magazine for a Browning Hi-Power represent not “high capacity” but the standard capacity magazines which those firearms are designed to accommodate.
TREND FORECAST: As we had predicted at the onset of the COVID War, there is a sustained interest in buying guns, driven by escalating unlawful violence, neither of which appears to be slackening. So restrictive gun laws, with the occasional exception of states like California, will continue to be challenged and resisted.
It is estimated there are nearly 400 million civilian-owned firearms in the United States. Thus, there are about 70 million more guns than people. 
And totally ignored by the mainstream media is that when the COVID War was launched in the winter of 2020—and tens of millions of lives and livelihoods were destroyed by the draconian lockdown measures—we had forecast there was a sustained interest in buying guns as fears persisted that violence would ramp up.
Indeed, some 40 million guns were purchased legally by Americans in 2020. Thus, attempts to push through restrictive gun laws by politicians are worthless. 

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