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Despite plans to slowly ease COVID restrictions, protesters took to the streets in Berlin on Saturday to voice their frustrations over lingering lockdowns and expressed skepticism over the virus in general. reported the protest took place in central Berlin, and some of the protesters were arrested. The report said many in attendance were not wearing masks and disregarding social-distancing mandates.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that outdoor service resumed Friday at beer gardens, restaurants, and cafés. But she urged Germans to “treat these opportunities very responsibly,” according to The New York Times. Customers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test or prove they have a vaccination certificate.
Germany announced on Sunday it will ban most travel from the U.K. due to concerns of the Indian variant. The Times reported that Brazil, India, and South Africa are three other countries Germany has concerns about regarding variants.
TREND FORECAST: To date, only 13.7 percent of Germany has been fully vaccinated. We forecast that in most of Europe, the full vaccination rate will remain well below the “health experts” 75- to 85-percent herd immunity range.
Furthermore, we maintain our forecast for strong anti-vax, anti-establishment, populist “Freedom” movements in Germany and much of the globe. Another driving force pushing new political movements forward will be “It’s the economy, stupid”… as economies begin a sharp downward slide following the brief spring/summer/autumn upward bounce.

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