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Even the WHO isn’t backing China’s new denials that the Wuhan Virology Lab couldn’t possibly be the origin of the COVID-19 virus.
China has gone back to pointing at the U.S. and issuing belligerent statements, now that more information is coming to light about experiments at the lab.
In March, a joint WHO-China mission concluded the possibility that the COVID breakout originated at the lab is “unlikely.”
But WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has since recently admitted that the source of the virus has not been determined and further research of all possibilities was needed to reach “more robust conclusions.”
Soon after the pandemic first surfaced in China in late 2019, the WHO came under fire for promoting misinformation that aligned with China’s version and timeline of events. The WHO’s actions led then-President Trump to cut funding to the organization. But one of the first acts of the Biden administration was to rejoin the WHO and restore funding.
A contentious debate between U.S. Senator Rand Paul and COVID policy czar Dr. Anthony Fauci over the kinds of research being conducted and funded at the Wuhan lab made news in mid-May. Paul’s dogged pursuit of questions surrounding the pandemic has been a big factor in cracking the MSM and Chinese narrative that the Wuhan lab theory is a “debunked conspiracy theory.” 
VOX news outlet and Politico recently have walked-back or even stealth-edited articles claiming the Wuhan lab origin possibility was a settled falsehood.
A recent letter in the journal Science, signed by 18 scientists, has advocated that researchers continue to examine all possibilities concerning the origin of COVID. The scientists said they believed the China-WHO joint mission had not given “balanced consideration” to lab and zoonotic spillover theories.
A recent Newsweek article reported comments by Jamie Metzl, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, about the persistent questions about the Wuhan lab:
“The chokehold on public consideration of an accidental lab incident as a possible pandemic origin has just been broken. Following publication of the Science letter, it will be irresponsible for any scientific journal or news outlet to not fully represent this viable hypothesis.”

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