7: The Come Together Brand

THIS WAS OUR 2018 TREND FORECAST: The entire world has its eyes on the USA as it becomes the DSA – the Divided States of America … Divisiveness is not only a US commodity; it’s become the way of the world.

Seize the “Come Together Brand” opportunity! The masses are ready for messages and sentiments integrated into their daily routines that speak to unity.

Any creative, trend-savvy company, institution, organization and individual that sells products or services framed by a unity brand will rise above the pack. From the music we listen to, to the entertainment we watch, and the services we require, to the products we buy, smart OnTrendpreneurs® will maximize creative marketing talents to promote one of the Top Trends for 2018: The “Come Together Brand.”

MID-YEAR UPDATE: Since making that forecast, the political divide has worsened. For example, in America, there is increasing media speculation that a sociopolitical powder keg is ready to explode into a full blown Civil War 2.0. And, a number of marketers are beginning to exploit this trend by providing products and strategies to survive the troubling times ahead.

As Trends Journal subscribers know, we saw this coming. In December 2015, we identified “Ready to Explode” as one of our Top Trends for 2016. It was one of many related forecasts over the past decade that chronicled how the downward spiral of the collective moral character of leaders worldwide has worn down the spirit of We The People.

Today, the spate of uncivil, crude acts and exchanges that unfold in a day, and that are immediately amplified in a digitally connected world, would have taken months to amass in years past.

Crossing all sectors of society – from late-night comics, sitcom stars and polarized media elites, to neighbors, family members and community – anger, the inability to listen, and divisiveness prevail.

As we had noted, divisiveness is not only an American commodity, it is becoming the way of the world. And thanks to the political parties of countries worldwide, and the media presstitutes who promote and sell a steady diet of their stupidity, hate, propaganda and lies, we live and breathe in an “us vs. them” world.


While the media and political focus continues to accelerate toward the destructive forces of divisiveness and civil unrest, Trends Research has identified untapped mega-opportunities to accentuate positive human emotional and social desires of peace, tranquility and community to bring people together.

Thus, our forecast to accentuate the positive elements of this negative trend by creating and branding products, services and businesses around the concept of bringing people together, will prove both morally and financially profitable.

Need proof?

Go back to 1971, a time of civil/social unrest and Vietnam War protests. Coca-Cola cashed-in both financially and morally with an ad campaign that portrayed a positive message of hope and love.

Selling Coke as “the real thing,” the commercial featured a multicultural collection of singing teenagers on top of a hill. Nearly a half century later, their message to “Teach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony” still rings in the hearts and minds of those old enough to remember.

Offering to “buy the world a Coke,” the commercial ended with this text:

On a hilltop in Italy,
We assembled young people
From all over the world…
To bring you this message
From Coca-Cola Bottlers
All over the world

Currently, there is nothing being produced among major advertisers or in the media/entertainment world that seizes upon our “Come Together Brand” trend. And while nothing today matches the power of Coke’s 1971 harmony campaign, there are a small number of examples of marketers who are identifying “unity” and “inclusiveness” as under served market gaps.

Social Media Week, for example, has made building brands and campaigns around unifying concepts a major focus of its content, including presentations that explore how to create and optimize our “Come Together Brand” messages.

And our tracking of this trend shows that dozens of other foundations, organizations and companies are beginning to develop and debut branding campaigns that sell civility.

Most prominent is Pass It On, a fast-growing nationwide marketing initiative that creates highway billboards, TV commercials, movie theater public service videos, radio ads and digital campaigns centered around the “Come Together Brand” and unity themes.

Operated by the Foundation for a Better Life, these public service ads feature well known celebrities and historical figures promoting civility.

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