concept graphic of U.S., NATO, and Ukrainian flags separated from Russian flag by barbed wire

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, said last week that the U.S. will be faced with two bleak choices if Kyiv loses the war with Russia. 

He said the U.S. could either decide to join the fight or sit back and watch NATO, the alliance that has been around since 1949, unravel.

Zelensky made the comment after being asked about the possibility that the 2024 presidential election in the U.S. could result in someone less willing than President Joe Biden to bankroll Ukrainians. 

Zelensky, who needs to rely on fear tactics, said, “Is he ready to go to war? To fight, to send his kids? Are they ready to die? Because anyway, they will have to do this if NATO gets involved.”

He—once again—presented Ukraine as a bulwark between Europe and Russia. He said if Kyiv falls, Russia will continue its bloody march to the Baltic countries and Poland.

“They will start war with one of the NATO countries and at this moment the U.S. will have to choose the collapse of NATO or go to war,” he said.

Zelensky confirmed last week that his country is not ready to negotiate for a peaceful resolution with Russia—and said peace is not an option until Moscow withdraws all its troops.

TRENDPOST: Zelensky is trying to sell the Vietnam-era Domino theory to act as though Russian tanks will head to Poland once conquering Kyiv, which is nothing more than comments from a desperate leader clawing for continued Western support. (See “NATO’S STOLTENBERG VOWS TO SUPPORT UKRAINE UNTIL VICTORY OVER RUSSIA” 25 Apr 2023, “MEDVEDEV BRUSHES OFF POLISH PM’S CLAIM THAT NATO WOULD QUICKLY DEFEAT RUSSIA” 18 Apr 2023, and “LEAKED DOCS CONFIRM REPORTS NATO TROOPS ARE ON THE GROUND IN UKRAINE” 18 Apr 2023.)

Of course, Zelensky is not the first person to float the idea that Russia is looking to dominate Europe. Earlier this year, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in an interview that if Russian President Vladimir Putin is not stopped and able to “go about his business, it won’t end with Ukraine. The whole West is threatened.”

Latvian President Egils Levits has said, “Only when Ukraine will have liberated the whole territory then there would be peace. And we are all interested in peace, a lasting peace.”

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