Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited newly recaptured Kherson on Monday and said the victory marks the “beginning of the end of the war” with Russia.

“We are, step by step, coming to all the temporarily occupied territories,” he said.

Zelensky said there was evidence that Russian soldiers committed war crimes and other “atrocities” during its occupation. 

“The Russian army left behind the same savagery it did in other regions of the country it entered,” Zelensky said, according to EuroNews. “We will find and bring to justice every murderer. Without a doubt.”

He addressed a crowd of hundreds of people, including some who were wrapped in Ukrainian flags, The New York Times reported. The paper said the Russian withdrawal from the city was a “major blow to the Kremlin and its ambition to conquer all of southern Ukraine.”

Russian forces are now stationed across the Dnipro River and are shelling the regions that they have abandoned, the paper said. 

TRENDPOST: Zelensky may still be on his high from last week after Sean Penn, the American actor, gave him his Academy Award during a meeting in Kyiv, but the former comedian, COVID drug pusher is completely detached from reality… since Russia has taken control of over 20 percent of Ukraine since they launched the war.

Furthermore, since Russia ramped up the fighting after their Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, over 50 percent of Ukrainians are suffering from the loss of energy. 

The Trends Journal has long stated that the Russian military could smash Ukraine within days, and Zelensky’s declaration of victory is not only premature, but misguided. New front lines are being established and Russia is training 300,000 new troops for a winter campaign. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has remained consistent in his message that Moscow will achieve all of its military objectives.  (See “THE RISING DANGER OF PUTIN’S GO-SLOW LIMITED WAR,” “PUTIN SEES UKRAINE WAR AS MAJOR SHIFT IN GLOBAL ORDER,” and “PUTIN SENDS STERN WARNING TO THE WEST, VOWS TO KEEP UP FIGHT IN UKRAINE.”)

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman from the Kremlin, did not respond to questions about Zelensky’s visit to Kherson, but told reporters: “You know that it is the territory of the Russian Federation.”
This magazine has urged Kyiv to disregard pressures from the U.S. and negotiate for a peaceful settlement with Russia to prevent more bloodshed and the possibility of a nuclear exchange between superpowers. But, unfortunately for the world, Zelensky has become more emboldened as the war drags on, and, like any actor desperate for another round of applause, refuses to leave the stage.  (See “ZELENSKY SAYS UKRAINE WAR WILL END WHEN RUSSIA LEAVES CRIMEA.”)

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