Can’t go to college, can’t get a job, can’t move out of your parent’s house, can’t pay off your debts, can’t buy a new car… can’t, can’t, can’t. The American Dream, or the dream of any youngster around the world, has become a COVID nightmare.
As we have forecast, there will be strong anti-lockdown, go-out-and-play, speakeasy, Roaring ’21 movements launched by 18-to 29-year-olds who view COVID as an “old person’s disease.”
Indeed, according to the scientific data, the recovery rate among 1- to-20-year-olds is 99.997 percent and, on average, the virus recovery rate is 99.7 percent. Those aged 65 and over suffering from pre-existing chronic health conditions are most vulnerable to die from the virus.
As we reported in the Trends Journal, a Financial Times study found a growing resentment among young workers toward older adults as the virus outbreak has led to various economic challenges that have hit younger generations the hardest.
For OnTrendpreneur® advertisers and fashion, entertainment, and product developers wishing to maximize sales to Gen Z and the younger millennial demographic, a new message, sound, and style to appeal to this target audience will reap generous rewards.

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