You decide! Is this suffering “exceptional”?

The United States is the land of exceptionalism. Just ask the President. Just ask all the other politicians that mouth the same propaganda of moral superiority. Thus, when tragedy strikes the homeland, what happens to Americans is always significantly more important, tragic and magnified than what happens to the non-exceptionals across the globe.

When the World Trade Center collapsed and the Pentagon was hit and some 3,000 US citizens were killed, that was reason enough to wage the never-ending worldwide War on Terror. When three people were killed and scores injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, the city and surrounding areas were locked down and the event was cast as a major national tragedy. But when millions around the world are killed, maimed and have their homes destroyed in wars the US has launched or supported, that’s minor compared to the suffering of the exceptionals.

Now American taxpayers are at it again, supporting the Ukraine government which, according to the dominant Presstitute media, is ridding the country of “terrorists” and “pro-Russian militants.” This is what they look like.

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