While COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines and TV news reports 24/7, there is barely any mention on a true crisis far deadlier than coronavirus: in Yemen, at least 14 million people are on the brink of starvation, according to the United Nations.
The cause is not a virus, but the disease of war, which has been reported in the Trends Journal since the war was launched in 2015 by Saudi Arabia… and supported by mass murder weapon suppliers such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, and China.
The constant, Saudi-led air attacks and embargos have killed over 100,000 people. Thousands of schools, hospitals, and homes have been demolished. The U.N. reports at least two-thirds of the Yemeni people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.
According to reports, only about half of the health facilities throughout the country are operating, desperately trying to keep up with the thousands of cases of cholera, diphtheria, West Nile virus, and seasonal acute respiratory infections, which continue as a result of the five-year war of destruction.
Last Friday, the first confirmed coronavirus case was reported. Given the ill health of millions of Yemeni citizens ravaged by war, the International Rescue Committee called it a “nightmare scenario.”
The Saudi-led coalition has agreed to a temporary, two-week ceasefire due to the potential spread of coronavirus. A day after the announcement, both the Saudis and Houthis accused the other of launching attacks.

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