fiery battle

Since the Ukraine War began a year ago, The Trends Journal has forecast that WWIII has begun and either a major false event or a nuclear exchange will make it “official.” Now, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko declared last week that “nuclear fires” are looming due to the U.S. and its allies’ effort to weaken Russia and called on negotiations to end the Ukraine War. 

Lukashenko, who is frequently written off by the Western propaganda media as a Putin stooge, said a “full-scale war” has been unleashed in a fight to the “last Ukrainian.”

“World War III, with nuclear fires, is looming on the horizon,” he said in an address to his country’s parliament. “It can be avoided only by means of negotiations.”

He said during his annual address, “You all understand and know: there is only one way—through negotiations. Talks without preconditions.”

The Moscow Times reported that Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to use his country to launch attacks since the outbreak of the war, but he has not sent any of his own forces into Ukraine to fight. 

Putin recently announced plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which drew criticism from the West. There are also reports that Moscow will place strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Lukashenko indicated that the world is approaching a “unique chance for negotiations” because Moscow has yet to ramp up its military production to full capacity. His idea calls for a ceasefire “without the right to move and regroup on both sides.”

He said if there is any indication that Western weapons cross into Ukraine during this time, Russia would be “obliged to use all its weapons, phosphorus munitions, depleted uranium, and enriched uranium… everything must be used.”

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has long reported that peace has been banned in the West and the only acceptable position in the corporate media structure is to call for the defeat of Putin at all costs. (See “CHINA RESPONDS TO CRITICISM FROM U.S., WEST OVER UKRAINE PEACE PROPOSAL” 28 Mar 2023, “CHINA CRITICIZES BIDEN ADMINISTRATION FOR PROMOTING UKRAINE WAR AND ‘THROWING MUD’ ON POTENTIAL PEACE DEAL” 21 Mar 2023, and “ESTONIA EXPRESSES CONCERN THAT PEACE COULD BE ACHIEVED IN UKRAINE” 7 Mar 2023.)

Leaders like Lukashenko should be completely ignored because they are authoritarians, the Western presstitutes say. But he made sense during his speech when he talked about the West’s decades-long destruction in the world.

“Where did all the well-known hot conflicts of recent decades begin? With the West’s unquenchable desire to subjugate the entire world,” he said. “And not even the West—one country. With the transition to self-sufficiency, sometimes very strong, truly independent states come under external control.”

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