Not only are forest fires burning up across the globe – in Indonesia, Brazil, Portugal, Alaska, California, to name a few – the streets are on fire, too.   

As reported throughout the year in the Trends Journal and Trends in The News video podcasts, it’s “Off With Their Heads 2.0.”

Poverty, violence, corruption… living under greedy governments run by political Gangsters who rob We the People of our money, rights, freedom and dignity, protests have spread across the globe.  

Week after week, the news is there, but the trend dynamic of what this means and where it’s going is absent from the mainstream media and in the minds of most. 

Just last week, millions more fed up citizens have taken to the streets in Hong Kong, Spain, Chile, Lebanon, Guinea, Angola, Iraq, and Haiti.

As the protests continue, millions risk injury, jail… as well as their lives in the fight to improve their living conditions and the rulers who rule them. 

With nothing left to lose… they’re losing it.

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