Think about it. 
The constant bullshit blaring from the mouths of the mainstream Presstitutes is that in the U.S., the people that don’t want the Operation Warp Speed gene therapy jab—the first ever to be injected into the human body with a 39 percent efficacy rate according to the Israeli Health ministry—are Trump supporters or right wing conspiracy jerks. 
But what about all those women and men working in eldercare homes?  Clearly, they don’t fit into those moronic media categories. 
So why are they vax hesitant, why are they refusing to get the jab?
Because women and men working in nursing homes are a unique segment of society that witness firsthand the deleterious implication of vaccinating human beings with health and mental issues. 
Not only have they seen it, they deal with it constantly… working day and night to assist the walking/wheelchair dead vaxxed out of their minds. 
And since the COVID War began, long term care facilities such as nursing homes have been a major front for those who died from the virus. As of 1 June, nearly one-third of all U.S. COVID fatalities have been residents or staff of such facilities. See “OUT OF THE NEWS: WHY COVID KILLS NURSING HOME RESIDENTS” (10 Nov 2020).
Shove Your Vax
Now, in a 17 September article, The New York Times reports that slightly fewer than half of the certified nursing assistants in nursing homes are fully vaccinated. Nursing home aides, the staff members who are in most direct contact with residents, are the least likely to be fully vaccinated.
These figures were logged before many nursing homes, cities and states were subject to vaccine mandates, but they are still, in the words of one researcher, “alarming and reason for pause” because, even with high vaccination rates among residents, they raise concerns over new COVID outbreaks among residents and staff. And few nursing homes have mandates in place thus far.
Overall, 61 percent of nurses, both RNs and LPNs, were vaccinated, as opposed to 77 percent of doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners, and 71 percent of therapists.
The article notes that the nursing home industry had been opposed to mandates specifically targeting its workers, but endorsed President Biden’s plan requiring all health care workers (as well as workers in larger companies) to be vaccinated. See “NO VAX, NO JOB, NO FUTURE: BIDEN KNOWS BEST” ( 24 Aug 2021).
TRENDPOST: As for people working in nursing homes being well aware of vaccine dangers, in this Trends Journal, see “NURSING HOMES GONE ANTIPSYCHOTICS JABS CRAZY?”. 
Again, although it’s not mentioned in the NYT article, vaccine hesitancy on the part of nursing home workers may be understandable, given that they are likely to have witnessed firsthand patients suffering from side effects of the vaccines. So too with hospital workers.
Indeed, beyond eldercare workers, more than 125 employees at Indiana University Health system, the largest physicians network in the state, gave up their jobs for refusing to take the COVID-19 jab.
See “COVID-19 VACCINES: TRACKING ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS,” (19 Jan 2021) which tells, among other cases, of 23 nursing home residents who died within days of being vaccinated. 

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