Whoever wins, you lose

April 2014: The next “Presidential Reality Show” has already begun. While no party members have officially announced they are running in the 2016 race for the White House, the obvious suspects are jockeying for position.

Americans are constantly told they live in the world’s greatest democracy. And, with fewer U.S. products to sell overseas, Washington justifies exporting its brand of democracy by attacking sovereign nations and overthrowing governments under the guise that freedom-loving people yearn for it. Yet America itself functions as a democracy in name only. The United States is run by two political gangs, Republicans and Democrats, both of which boast long track records of starting murderous wars and of stealing citizens’ money under the guise of taxes.

The election process is essentially a game show on which the game is rigged.  The politicians and presstitutes, having brainwashed citizens into believing their vote counts, propagandize that if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.

Vote for what? Each Election Day Americans are given the choice to cast a ballot for members of either the Republican or Democrat gang. And every four years they get to choose a new gang leader, one they call “President.”  Given the near impossible odds of fielding viable third party candidates—due to the draconian “rules” imposed by the two-party Mafia to blunt competition, and the billions it would cost to wage an effective national campaign—in 2016, citizens will likely have the opportunity to elect the better of two con artists.

The contestants

In left field, over on the Democrat side, barely getting any media attention, is former House member Dennis Kucinich, who was defeated in his last run for Congress. Vice President Joseph Biden is running a distant second behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Other than the occasional pro-Hillary polls and puff pieces that presstitutes put out, there is no excitement in the air for any of the Democrat contestants.

On the Republican side, it’s more of the same though there are more possible contenders. Representative Paul Ryan (Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate in 2012), Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are getting most of the press, with honorable mention of Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential running mate of Senator John McCain.

That’s it! A narrow field of “has-beens,” “never-weres,” “wanna-be’s” and “know-it-alls” are the only options being given a population of 316 million people to chose from.

Time and place

Aside from the missing passenger jet that dominated headlines for several weeks, the news at the top of the political agenda in Spring of 2014 is the Ukraine crisis and Crimea’s vote to rejoin Russia.

Hillary Clinton compared Crimea 2014 to Czechoslovakia 1930 and said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions were like ‘what Hitler did back in the ’30s’. And Vice President Biden — managing to ignore that over 80 percent of Crimean’s turned out to vote, with nearly 97 percent voting “yes” to reestablish its centuries-long union with Russia (see page 16) in what international observers called a fair and clean election process — declared it to be “blatant, blatant violation of international law … nothing more than a land grab.” Pimping himself before 1,000 LGBT rights supporters at a Los Angeles gala, Biden made a stab at linking Russia’s anti-gay laws to the position it had taken in the Ukraine crisis!

Among Republican hopefuls, the entire choir was singing the same Ukrainian tune: “Obama’s weak, I am strong; if I were President, I’d put Putin in his place.” Even self-styled libertarian Rand Paul strayed from his Dad’s “no foreign intervention” mantra. Following the Crimea vote, Paul said, “I would reinstitute the missile-defense shields President Obama abandoned in 2009 in Poland and the Czech Republic.” And, he said, “Let me be clear: If I were President, I wouldn’t let Vladimir Putin get away with it.”

Along with gun control, NSA spying, unflinching support for Israel, and anti-Iran rhetoric, the other background issue among Republican hopefuls was the repeal of President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which was being ridiculed as one of the greatest government-run administrative failures in American history.

Yet, among all the candidates, of both parties, not one of “the party” members has offered bright new ideas or clear concepts to deal with the worsening bread and butter issues plaguing the population, everyday problems such as the lack of good jobs, declining real wages, rising food and fuel prices, utility and phone bill shock, rotting infrastructure, decaying cities, income inequality — and an income tax system that promoted the situation.

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