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Believe there are elites who spend their time—and copious amounts of money—trying to influence and steer policies to their liking?

It’s a view that might soon get you banned as a “dangerous conspiracy theorist” from communicating via the internet.

In a modern moment where the dystopian jokes write themselves, that analysis and proscription for cure was articulated this past week by Professor Yuval Harari, agent of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Speaking with AI focused commentator Lex Fridman, Harari likened the belief that elites exert undue influence in the world to Nazi ideology.

“The global cabal theory has many variations, but basically, there is a small group of people, a cabal, that secretly controls everything that is happening in the world. All the wars, all the revolutions, all the epidemics, everything that is happening is controlled by this very small group of people, who are of course evil and have bad intentions.”

“This is a very well-known story. It’s not new. It’s been there for thousands of years. It’s very attractive because, first of all, it’s simple.”

But Harari’s analysis was itself a simplistic caricature. Most people who point out the political machinations of elites don’t argue that they exert total control. 

On the other hand, it seems reasonable to point out that a relatively small group of the world’s wealthiest spend exorbitant amounts far beyond the means of average citizens, to sway elections, influence policy makers and politicians, promote media narratives, and advantage themselves.

Harari argues that all that money, all that funding of various organizations and foundations, and all those meetings where elites meet with political leaders, where press is barred and meetings are closed…involves no agendas, and amounts to no appreciable intentional influence.

So. That 500 million Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg spent on the 2020 election? No influence, no objective, no coordination. 

The WEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationOpen Society Foundations (George Soros), the Emerson Collective (Laurene Powell Jobs), Amazon Entertainment and The Washington Post (Jeff Bezos)…so many billions wasted on not influencing anything. 

Harari also made sure to cast any idea that elites operated in secrecy as another ludicrous conspiracy.

Guardian May 2023 headline described the annual Bilderberg meeting, “At Bilderberg’s bigwig bash two things are guaranteed: Kissinger and secrecy.” 

Does that mean the establishment left-leaning newspaper earns a spot on the Nazi conspiracy theorist list?

Whoops. Throw CNBC on the naughty list too: “A secretive annual meeting attended by the world’s elite has A.I. top of the agenda,” 18 May 2023.

And pay no attention to itineraries at such meetings, they mean nothing and represent no attempts to coordinate or carry out agendas, according to Harari. (See a sample from our own Bilderberg coverage, “GOVERNMENT AI REGULATION WILL FOCUS ON CENSORING AMERICANS AND WOKE OBJECTIVES, NOT THE REAL DANGERS OF AI,” 23 May 2023.)

Even NPR might be on Harari’s conspiracist list, who knows, for past slip-ups like “’Hidden Billionaires’ Profiles Under-The-Radar Rich,” which noted:

“From a Peruvian banking magnate to a Canadian who made his fortune betting on Gold, to a French feminist who heads the world’s largest advertising company, a new article profiles eight of the world’s hidden billionaires.

“Bloomberg Market’s Matthew Miller spent months scouring the globe for billionaires who control big parts of the economy, yet have managed to fly under the radar. He joined us from New York to talk about them.”

“Control big parts of the economy”? Surely a sign of Nazi thinking.

We could go on, but our friends at InfoWars hit a home run with a video about Harari’s comments, juxtaposed with heaps of Bilderberg, annual WEF meetups at Davos, Klaus Schwaab burnishing his Bond villain creds, and more.  

TRENDPOST: We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see and chronicle the ingenious ways elites use their power and wealth to cultivate the narrative that their power and wealth has no effect on political and social policies, and that their confabs, marked by fleets of private jets and pledges of secrecy, are all about nothing, and certainly not coordinated activity.

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