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As reported in The New York Times last Thursday, two recent World Health Organization reports call for governments around the world to deal with the coming pandemics by banning travel immediately and imposing strict mask-wearing edicts.
Their reports are said to focus on mistakes made when the COVID War began, stating that “current institutions, public and private, failed to protect people from a devastating pandemic” and referred to the COVID-19 virus as “the 21st century’s Chernobyl moment.”
Yet, now, with evidence that the face coverings worn by the vast majority of citizens did little to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (see our 21 July article, “UNMASKING THE TRUTH”), the WHO panel advises that in the future, governments mandate mask-wearing even before the extent of a viral spread can be confirmed.
Their so-called “Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness” convened in May 2020 and came out with its report this past 12 May. The panel’s website features a large photo of a group of children wearing masks and listed these as some of their recommendations:

  • Immediate mask mandates and travel restrictions at the first sign of a dangerous virus,
  • Establish new government bureaucracies to coordinate emergency measures,
  • Make the WHO financially independent by increasing member fees,
  • Give the WHO Director-General more authority by extending the term of office,
  • All national preparations be based on protocols established by the WHO,
  • The WHO to set up a global surveillance system with the full cooperation of all member nations.

The panel applauded the Operation Warp Speed COVID vaccines that were produced “at unprecedented speed,” and they called for the entire global population to be jabbed as quickly as possible.
The report states its intention is to help avoid the mistakes made over the past year, which led to over three million deaths, $10 trillion in economic damages, and more than 100 million people forced into poverty. 
Dr. Lothar H. Wieler, a German veterinarian and member of the panel, said he worries “there’s no enforcement mechanism,” and his panel recommends the establishment of an international pandemic treaty, which imposes penalties on any country not adhering to the treaty principles.
TREND FORECAST: As we continue to forecast, as evidenced by the draconian measures taken by politicians to fight the COVID War and punishing those unwilling to join the battle, a precedent of dictatorial rule has been established that negates Constitutions and Bills of Rights. Thus, beyond the virus, whatever the reason or motive, the general public has been subdued and will willingly march to politicians’ orders. 
However, as evidenced by Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s “Freedom” campaign in Spain, where she won a landslide victory due to her refusal to lock down Madrid to fight the COVID War (see our 11 May article, “FREEDOM WINS BIG IN SPAIN, SETS TREND”), as we have forecast, there will be mass push back against the “enforcement mechanism” the WHO wants to impose. 
TRENDPOST: While masks and vaccines were highlighted by the WHO panel as necessary for dealing with the virus, nowhere in the entire report, titled, “COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic” were the terms “lockdown” and “shelter-in-place” – which were forced on billions of people and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions – mentioned once.

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