An Injured Mother And Child in Gaza, Palestine

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, said Friday that Israel’s bombardment of civilians in Gaza has taken its toll on the children in the enclave, killing, on average, one child every 10 minutes since the start of the conflict. 

“Nowhere and no one is safe” in Gaza, he told the United Nations Security Council.

“Hospital corridors crammed with the injured, the sick, the dying,” he said, according to Reuters. “Morgues overflowing. Surgery without anesthesia. Tens of thousands of displaced people sheltering at hospitals.”

Israel lashed back at the comments and insisted that it is only targeting medical facilities because Hamas uses them as control centers. 

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, said his country has gone above and beyond what others would do to prevent civilian casualties, including building their own temporary hospitals Israel controls in Gaza.

“Israel is in advanced talks with the United Arab Emirates, with the ICRC, and with other European countries regarding the establishment of field-hospital and floating-hospital ships. Israel facilitated the Jordanian airdrop of medical aid to hospitals in northern Gaza.” Erdan, the ambassador, said. “Sadly, Israel is doing far more for the well-being of Gazans than the WHO or any other U.N. body.”

TRENDPOST: One of the underpinnings of democracy is that all people are created equal, but that is not the case when it comes to Gazans and Israelis, namely attacks on children. Fox News and CNN have reported extensively on the 7 October Hamas attack and Israeli children who were killed, and yet murdered Gazan children are diminished to a percentage of total casualties. The Associated Press reported that, as of Friday, 11,078 Gaza residents had been killed, 40 percent children. There were 4,506 dead children by Friday night. (See “THE GAZA GENOCIDE CONTINUES” 7 Nov 2023, “TOP UN OFFICIAL STEPS DOWN AFTER CALLING ISRAEL’S ACTIONS IN GAZA A ‘TEXTBOOK CASE OF GENOCIDE’” 7 Nov 2023, and “SAUDI ARABIA WARNS U.S. AGAINST ISRAELI GROUND INVASION IN GAZA THAT WOULD DESTABILIZE REGION” 31 Oct 2023.)

Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz that all children deserve a chance at life, but to mention that in some quarters of Israel is tantamount to committing treason.

“Children are children, one must reiterate, and one cannot but be equally horrified by what has happened to them, both here and there. In the fascist reality now sweeping Israel, even this statement is considered treasonous, subversive, and an expression of Israel hatred. How dare you compare?” Levy wrote. 

He noted that at the same time he was writing his column, 39 premature babies were facing imminent death inside hospitals in Gaza because of a lack of fuel. The hospital was essentially out of service and there was a pile of over 100 unidentified bodies outside the building covered in white shrouds, he wrote.

Prof. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who had volunteered at the Al-Shifa Hospital in previous wars who was stuck in Cairo, told reporters that it has been almost impossible to leave the hospital because Israeli snipers had spread out around the hospital and were shooting at it. 

Three doctors told NBC News that more than a dozen children with cancer or other serious blood disorders were safely evacuated from Gaza “after weeks of difficult negotiations involving the U.S., Egypt, Israel, and Hamas—but more than 30 remain in the war-torn territory.”

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