Leave it to ZeroHedge to feature an article that lays out just how transformative are Russia’s moves to tie gold to the ruble and commodities it produces.
As it turns out, crypto hasn’t been the substantial path chosen by Russia to break the weaponized financial system sanctions imposed by the Biden Administration and Nato allies.
The U.S. has seemed eager to use the Russia – Ukraine conflict to try to reign in and regulate crypto transactions in the name of stopping Russia from circumventing sanctions.
As 29 March CNBC headline trumpeted the Biden Administrations latest warning to supposed crypto sanction facilitators: “‘We will come and we will find you’: U.S. issues warning to anyone helping Russia bypass sanctions.”
“What we want to make very clear to crypto exchanges, to financial institutions, to individuals, to anyone who may be in a position to help Russia take advantage and evade our sanctions: We will hold you accountable,” Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told the news outlet.
Adeyemo admitted, despite the tough talk, that he had not so far seen Russia making significant moves to skirt sanctions via cryptocurrencies.
So what is Russia doing?
Well, their strategy is all about gold, food and energy, and so far, the U.S. has proved utterly clueless and flatfooted.
As Ronan Manly wrote in ZeroHedge’s coverage:
“Russia is the world’s largest natural gas exporter and the world’s third largest oil exporter. We are seeing right now that Putin is demanding that foreign buyers (importers of Russian gas) must pay for this natural gas using rubles. This immediately links the price of natural gas to rubles and (because of the fixed link to gold) to the gold price. So Russian natural gas is now linked via the ruble to gold.” 
Manly added that The Bank of Russia’s decision to connect the ruble to gold and commodity payments to the ruble represents a paradigm change that has yet to be fully appreciated by the western media. 
He believes physical gold will see a surge in demand, Russia’s currency will continue to strengthen, and there will be moves among countries away from the dollar.
The shift away from the petrodollar has been in the cards for quite awhile now. But this fast? That is a monumental shock the U.S. government and corporate aligned media aren’t telling the American public. And it’s bad news.
Just don’t blame bitcoin.

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