By Gregory Mannarino TradersChoice.net
When you finally realize that today you are existing under the threat of an impending catastrophic financial event which will change the financial landscape of the world when it occurs, it is certainly life changing.
The fact of the matter is we are indeed living in unprecedented times, and a financial Frankenstein is going to be unleashed on the world in the not-so-distant future. We are living in a moment of time for which the mechanism of which has been put in place over a century ago. 
Central banks, none more so than the Federal Reserve, are deeply, darkly, and clandestinely instituting a plan to literally own the world. Today developed nations around the world are NOT being governed by elected officials who are supposed to answer to the will of their constituents, instead we have puppet governments being ruled by their respective central banks who have indeed now become the lenders and buyers of last resort—which has been their goal since the inception of central banking.
The entire financial system of the world is ruled and governed by an interlocking system of central banks who dictate monetary policy, and it is also they who are solely responsible for inflating the largest hyperbubble in history—the debt market hyperbubble.
The current debt market hyperbubble is the deliberate result of central banks fulfilling their end game, creating nation slaves and individual citizen debt slaves, while at the same time making the 1 and 2 percenters rich beyond their wildest dreams. This mechanism robs anyone with an interest earning account blind, and many trillions of dollars in realized gains have already been literally stolen from savers because of central banks artificially suppressing rates. By falsely controlling rates, central banks create a deliberate environment of risk, and cash flows into the stock market—which is also in a hyperbubble on the back of the debt market hyperbubble.
Rates being artificially suppressed since the meltdown of 2008 is responsible for a massive and ongoing wealth transfer from the masses right up to the rich and well connected.
This entire thing is leading up to a GRAND FINALE—a deliberate implosion of the debt market hyperbubble.
An implosion of the debt market hyperbubble will cause a rapid spike in bond yields which will in turn place enormous pressure on the stock market which will then sell off rapidly—I am talking about a stock market meltdown of unprecedented proportions. As this occurs, a massive sell off in the debt market and stocks simultaneously, a tsunami of cash is going to look for places to go—cash does not go to money heaven. 
Cash is going to flow primarily into commodities. Assets especially like gold and silver which have been rigged, and continue to be rigged to the downside, mostly by the Wall Street Superbank JP Morgan, can potentially rise multiple fold. I also believe that cryptocurrencies can potentially skyrocket as well. 
People who are NOT in the right spots when the hyperbubble bursts are going to suffer catastrophic financial losses—while those in the right spots will prosper greatly.

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