What’s in store for you

Held January 10–16 in Naples, “Prepare for 2016” will give attendees a variety of unique and life-enhancing experiences, from group activities to formal presentations, with ample time for self-reflection in beautiful surroundings.
Celente will be joined by natural healing authority Gary Null, institute analysts and world-class health and physical fitness experts to provide a complete mind, body and spirit experience.
Celente and his analysts will provide an in-depth look at the risks and opportunities ahead and provide guideposts for making the most out of 2016. Each day, he will focus on a different emerging trend to demonstrate the dangers to avoid and the opportunities to jump on.
Trend sessions will be augmented by health and well being sessions, covering nutrition and natural healing, fitness, cooking, stress-relief techniques and much more. Null, a world renowned authority on natural healing, will conduct many of the sessions along with other noted experts.
And while there are daily sessions and structured activities to engage in, your week includes the flexibility and ample free time to relax and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and facilities.
To learn more or to register, call Taryn Clark, operations manager for the institute, weekdays at 845-331-3500.

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