We’ve got your back, and we’re looking out for your future

Do you need to stay ahead of the times and ahead of the competition? Who’s advising you? Can you trust them to accurately forecast what to expect and to provide you with strategies on how to plan for the future?
If you need to know what the future may bring, and want to develop products, strategies and services in anticipation of change, then you need to know about The Trends Research Institute.
A clear voice in a confused world, The Trends Research Institute delivers profit potential — trends research needed to develop concrete strategies, specific products and on-trend services that will help you thrive in today’s fiercely competitive and increasingly challenging global marketplace.
Learn to make confident, informed decisions about expansion, diversification, product development, repositioning and downsizing, even marketing, advertising and promotion plans.
HOW ARE TRENDS FORECASTED? Given sufficient time and resources, anyone can spot an existing trend. But to forecast future trends and translate them into profit requires specialized collection and interpretation tactics.
The Trends Research Institute’s broad-based Globalnomic ® methodology is designed with the understanding that all things are connected: the arts, scientific and technological breakthroughs, religion, ecology, entertainment, fashion, social movements, consumer attitudes, business developments, health and medicine, agriculture/agribusiness, communications trends, to name a few.
Making connections between disparate but interconnected fields produces a broad and comprehensive picture, which allows us to provide analyses and make forecasts that are not only factually based, but, insofar as possible, agenda free.
Led by Gerald Celente, the 25 skilled experts that make up the Trend Research Institute’s interdisciplinary task force specialize in early detection of danger and opportunity within and across the socioeconomic and geopolitical landscape. The institute tracks, analyzes and synthesizes information from over 300 trend categories on a daily basis.
HOW IT WORKS The Trends Research Institute can work independently or in concert with your in-house team to identify and achieve long, medium or short-term objectives. Whether as a one-day primer or on an ongoing basis, we can prepare any organization to profit from trends by teaching them how to forecast, analyze and track trends for themselves, and learn to take advantage of change at the most profitable point of the trend’s life cycle.
Special emphasis may be placed on:
• Identifying developing trends
• Developing new opportunities early
• Spotting gaps in existing markets
• Scanning mature markets for signs of senescence
• Repositioning products and services to coincide with trend formations
• Translating trends into products, services and strategies

IMPORTANT The Trends Research Institute maintains a strict policy of confidentiality on all projects. This ensures that the competitive edge remains with the client contracting the services.

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