Welcome to your new Trends web site

Welcome to your new Trends Journal and Trends Research Institute web site, which we hope will expand our audience and get more people involved and seeing the world in a new perspective.

Most new things come with the occasional glitch or setback. We’ve had a few, but we’re listing and adjusting in these early days of our new platform. We believe in you and in our mission to help members of our community prepare, survive and prevail.

We took nothing away. Everything from our old site is here and, hopefully, easier to find and explore.

Our web site was redesigned based on suggestions that came from you, our subscribers, and for the need to build a better stage to get our messages and information out to a broader audience. We also wanted to make it easier for you to reach out directly to Gerald Celente and our team here at the Institute as well as each other. We believe our audience is unique: An international community of people deeply engaged in the state of the world.

So, what has changed and what is new?

– Your quarterly Trends Journal is now available in three easily-accessible formats: you can download in its entirety as a pdf; you can select individual stories from the table of contents to read online; and you can subscribe to the glossy, full-color magazine version that is mailed directly to your residence or business.

– Trends In The News features our weekday broadcasts and our archive of broadcasts. You can see them all here. Just be sure you are logged in to view the most recent show. Non-subscribers get a sample show only.

– A new Letters to the Editor link provides a forum for you to express your views on a topic in greater depth that our other existing comments and social media platforms can provide. We believe our subscribers are uniquely thoughtful, honest and creative. Here’s a new way to share your insights with other subscribers.

– Gerald in the Media is home to recent appearances Gerald made in other media.

– Trends Alerts will be updated more directly, and provide subscribers with real-time analysis of important breaking news. The press releases the institute regularly publishes also will be posted here. And we will use this platform to announce institute programs and services of interest to you.

– The Weekly Freda is an easy click away, providing you with yet another creative, and often humorous, take on the issues that matter to you.

– The Institute link takes you to information about the services the institute provides. Here you’ll find descriptions of the programs we have developed, such as our exciting summer symposium at the Institute and offered first to subscribers.

There is much more to come. We’re investing, expanding and improving.

A couple things you have asked about:

– Can I change my screen name?
Yes, logging in and going to MY ACCOUNT on the upper right-hand corner of any page on the site, you’ll get all your account information. Here you can change your email address, user name and password in our system. You should have the same screen name you had on the old site, but if yours changed or you want a new one, you can make it whatever you wish.

– Some of the type seems harder to read. Can you improve that?
We’ve had a couple reports about that and we making minor changes in type size or fonts in some areas to improve legibility.

– Why do comments have REPORT THIS links on them?
We’ve removed this link from the site. We believe in free commenting. We will remove comments that become personal attacks on other members of our community, however, so please don’t attack each other personally.  

– I’m not seeing or can’t view the Trends In The News broadcasts! What’s going on?
Nothing has changed in terms of how the broadcasts are uploaded or how they play. We’re using the same technology as our previous site, which is still flash based. That means it won’t play on some mobile devices. In our next phase, we will set up a new system that includes more mobile options. Remember that you need to be logged in to see the current broadcasts and the archives. You can log in at the upper right hand corner of every page. We’re adding more log in points and building more navigation hints within the Trends In The News pages.  

We want to hear from you and make our site the best it can be for our subscribers. Please tell us what you think by commenting, writing a letter to the editor or emailing us directly.

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