Welcome to your new magazine

With this edition of the Trends Journal, we are debuting a number of features and a fresh new look designed to connect your lives — your passions, interests and needs — to the trends evolving all around you.

It is an exciting time for the Trends Research Institute. The improvements we are debuting with this Trends Journal are just the beginning. Future editions will include even more features to provide you, your business, your family and your community with the information and analysis you need to make measured, positive decisions in your life. Our goal is to go beyond forecasting critical trends by showing how they are affecting your quality of life and, most critically, what you can do about it.
To meet that goal, we are introducing layers of new content to engage your interests with greater precision, utility and visual impact. Here are some examples:

“Epiphany” is designed to provide a quick, insightful study of an emerging trend that has fully blossomed.

Our new question-and-answer sessions with chief forecaster Gerald Celente cover a wide range of bases on critical issues in short bites, helping you grasp how today’s news events become tomorrow’s trends.

“Globalnomics” ties together emerging economic trends from around the globe to pinpoint what these developments mean to you and how they will evolve.

A quarterly publisher’s column will share personal reflections on the work of the Trends Research Institute, deepening your understanding of how our work takes shape.

“What You Can Do” is a new device you’ll find throughout each issue. It identifies specific action steps you can take to make a difference in your life.

In addition to these and many other new features, we are also working to sharply improve the visual impact of the content we present. That means more compelling images and illustrations; easier-to-read typography; creative page design formats to help you navigate through complex content with ease; and more vehicles to encourage and engage your ideas.

As we reported in a summer Trends Alert, our team is working with renowned designers to create this new content strategy for all of our current print and digital platforms, as well as new products to debut in the months ahead. This effort will include a bold new design for our web site, including the development of many new multimedia features and platforms for you to have your voice heard.

As this new and innovative chapter in our history unfolds, rest assured an essential core value will stand strong: Our content will stand alone for its insight, unabashed honesty and timely, deep analysis of the trends that matter most to you. Tell us what you think at comments@trendsjournal.com!

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