Welcome to Trends Monthly!

Trends Monthly is a new electronic newsletter that joins our expanded quarterly print and digital Trends Journal, my nightly Trends In The News broadcasts and the many other features on Trendsresearch.com. Trends Monthly will be emailed to subscribers at the middle of each month and made accessible on Trendsresearch.com. It is designed to keep you updated on emerging trends and critical developments between editions of our full-color, 50-plus page Trends Journal, which provides an in-depth look at essential trends.

We are on a mission, a mission to bring our subscribers bold, transformative analysis of the trends that matter to them with greater depth and impact. I founded the Trends Research Institute in 1980. Today, it is stronger than ever. In just the last year, we have redesigned and expanded our quarterly journal, introduced a new and expanded multimedia website, developed a series of conferences for subscribers held at our facilities in Colonial Kingston, NY, and developed new platforms to engage our worldwide audience with increased immediacy and relevance. And now we bring you Trends Monthly.

Prepare. Survive. Prevail.

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