Welcome to the Fall 2017 issue

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 edition of your Trends Journal.

As you know, we were the first magazine to forecast a Trump victory and the first to call a sustained Trump market rally.

Now we’ll tell you comes next.

With interest rates looming and crypotcurrencies booming and swooning, how you manage your money and investments in the immediate future is set for seismic changes. Our year-end “Globalnomic® report offers a road map to the state of the global economy, pinpointing where the vast risks and opportunities lie.

Our analysis will breakdown what the complex economic and geo-political trends mean to you, your family, your profession, your business…your bottom line.

Also beware of the dangerous emerging megatrend that we have identified. With the media and much of the world focused on nuclear arms threats between the United States and North Korea, our focus is on the war drums that are being pounded by the Saudi Crown Prince.

The Prince accused Iran and Hezbollah of declaring war against Saudi Arabia. And now Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, the United States and Israel have formed an unprecedented alliance to fight their common enemies. This nucleus of concentrated power, as our analysis demonstrates, now has license, at the slightest provocation, false flag or real, to strike at will against Iran and/or Lebanon.

What would be the consequences of war throughout the Middle East? How will it affect you? How should you prepare?

Elsewhere, we introduce a new feature: Trends Hits, a series of shorter analyses designed to drill through media and political lies and propaganda to deliver fact-based, agenda-free forecasts that will enlighten, emboldened and inform you.

In fact, there are dozens of forecasts in this Trends Journal, covering geo-politics, aging, health, investment, globalization, Artificial Intelligence, driverless vehicles, new energy and many other trends.

This edition will remind you why, in this world of junk and dumbed down news, a Trends Journal subscription is absolutely indispensable.

I thank you for being a subscriber. Your support enables us to consistently provide cutting-edge trend forecasts that you simply can’t get from any other media source.


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