No, it’s not a conspiracy theory: the World Economic Forum produced a video extolling the benefits of a world in lockdown. The suppression of human activity, and, indeed, humans, has been made crystal clear by the video, which was tweeted this past week. Shortly thereafter, it was taken down after triggering outrage and being excoriated by commenters.
The near-minute-long clip showed mostly empty streets, vistas, and landscapes, along with accompanying text bullet points:

  • Earth’s seismic noise has been the lowest in decades due to lockdowns
  • Scientists saw a ‘wave of quiet’ around the world in 2020
  • Ambient noise in some cities fell 50% as fewer people used transport and factories closed
  • The quiet enabled scientists to record small earthquakes they would usually miss and improved their understanding of seismic activity so they can predict larger earthquakes in the future
  • There were also record falls in air pollution
  • Clearing city skies from Asia to America
  • But by late 2020, it had returned to pre-pandemic levels
  • Carbon emissions were also down 7% last year
  • But the drop won’t stop climate change unless we lock in emissions
  • How quiet was your local area?

“Lock in.” Get the drift?
WEF leader Klaus Schwab is one of the authors of the so-called “Great Reset”. His book, titled, The Great Reset advocates radical changes to society to be implemented by fiat of elite coordination of global entities. Most people haven’t read the book, of course. But the 55-second video certainly opened many eyes. (Click here to watch the video.)

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