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Forget the scientific facts we continually report in the Trends Journal regarding the ineffectiveness and dangers of wearing face masks.
If you don’t wear one because you believe the data and think for yourself, you will be attacked by politicians, the public… and the media.
This was the 22 July headline in Newsweek: “Narcissists and Psychopaths Are More Likely to Refuse to Wear Masks, Says New Research.”
They quoted a Polish study “seeking to link dark, psychopathic personality traits to those who refuse to comply with government orders” done in mid-March for the peer-reviewed Personality and Individual Differences academic journal.
The general conclusion is those who don’t comply with government restrictions or failed to follow all the orders imposed had “Dark Triad” personality disorders of “narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.”
The study notes, “Individuals characterized by the Dark Triad traits may be less likely to follow governmentally-enforced restrictions related to COVID-19.”
The study, “Who complies with the restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19?” had this excerpt: “Being rivalrous, caring little for others, and cynical and power-seeking may create a ‘perfect storm’ of dispositions that lead to an unwillingness to comply in a combative way.”
However, despite labeling non-mask wearers as narcissists, etc., the last lines of the Newsweek article noted that researchers concluded personality traits were only a small part of those who opposed the strict government rules: “While psychopaths and narcissists may be less likely to comply with coronavirus restrictions, the evidence doesn’t suggest that personality disorders are to blame for social-distancing failures and mask-mandate pushback.”
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: In other words, these “expert” psychologists theorize if you don’t follow orders that lack any substantive medical data to back them up, which are throwing tens of millions out of work, putting millions more in danger of starvation, and are creating psychological damage for millions from extended social isolation, then you must be “cynical,” “power seeking,” and display “dark” “psychopathy.”
We suggest these psychologists put as much effort into analyzing the behavior of political control freaks who continue to expand their authority as hundreds of millions of citizens around the world continue to suffer from their inane, ignorant, destructive, and power-hungry rules.

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