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It was big news in America: opening day for the nation’s favorite pastime, major league baseball, which usually starts at the end of March, finally kicked off last Thursday.

In another chapter in the encyclopedia of new, absurd COVID rules and regulations, fans were banned from the stadiums.

“Empty Seats, Recorded Cheers Greet Return of Baseball,” blared the Wall Street Journal’s top-of-the-page headline with an accompanying photo of an empty stadium.

Yes, “Recorded Cheers,” not fans, greeted the return of baseball. Continuing to pump up the COVID Hysteria, the U.S. media accentuated the fear of restarting the baseball season:

“Baseball Enters the Unknown: The schedule is short. The stadiums will be empty. But the players’ biggest task this summer might be keeping the virus at bay.” — New York Times

“Nationals star Juan Soto tests positive for coronavirus, won’t play.”— ABC Eyewitness News

“MLB Opening Day 2020: Five off-the-field questions facing the 60-game shortened season.” — CBS Sports

The five questions:

  1. Will the season be completed?
  2. Will there be more testing snafus?
  3. Will more players opt out?
  4. Will fans be allowed?
  5. Will Major League Baseball be forced to alter plans?

The New ABnormal

Out of fear the virus might spread to teammates, among the restrictions officially put in place:

  • No spitting (“including but not limited to saliva, sunflower seeds or peanut shells, or tobacco”),
  • No fighting/arguing,
  • Masks are required for non-players in the dugouts and bullpens,
  • Fielders are “encouraged to retreat several steps away” from the base runner when the ball is out of play,
  • Pitchers will be allowed to carry wet rags in their back pockets to be used for moisture instead of licking their fingers.

Also included in the new, 11-page baseball rules and regulations manual:

  • Players should keep at least six feet away from one another in the clubhouse. Additional clubhouse space should be provided if needed.
  • Players are “discouraged but not prohibited” from showering in the clubhouse.
  • Inactive players are asked to sit six feet apart in the stands.
  • Clubhouse food must be served in individual to-go containers.
  • Players (or managers) who leave their positions to argue with umpires or come within six feet of them or an opposing player or manager face ejection and discipline.
  • Any ball in play or touched by multiple players will be replaced.
  • The traveling party will have a private check-in and entrance at hotels to avoid interactions with the public.
  • Members of the traveling team are “not permitted to leave the hotel to eat or otherwise use any restaurants (in the hotel or otherwise) open to the public.” They must be provided with a private dining room at the hotel. They are permitted to use room service or food delivery services.
  • Hotel room visits are permitted only for other members of a traveling party or immediate family.

TRENDPOST: We note these new “play ball” rules to emphasize how people in power impose arbitrary, non-science backed rules and regulations on society, which have sucked the joy and freedom out of life.

More than just Americans and baseball, fans across the globe have not only lost the enjoyment of their favorite sports… but the new ABnormal rules have destroyed all the businesses that depend on these seasonal sporting events.

From suppliers of food products to the sale of sports items, to local bars and restaurants surrounding the stadiums that depend on fans, entrepreneurs big and small are going broke and going out of business.

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