Researchers at Penn State surveyed almost 6,000 residents during the last week in March 2020, just two weeks after the coronavirus was officially declared a global pandemic.
As reported in the 12 April article by Study Finds:
“People who trust television and social media for COVID-19 news actually know less about the virus… those who rely the most on Facebook score as the least knowledgeable about COVID.”
The study was published in the 11 April journal, Current Medical Research & Opinion.
They reported that with about two-thirds of all Americans using social media for their news and information, Dr. Robert P. Lennon, associate professor of family and community medicine at Penn State College of Medicine, voiced concern. Dr. Lennon said,
“The rise of social media has changed the way people around the world keep up with current events… This is worrying, as misinformation and misunderstanding about COVID-19 and how it spreads is likely to have fueled the pandemic.”
Other data from the study showed that just over 40 percent count on government websites for information compared to 27 percent who said they trust television the most, and under 10 percent who count on “health system communications.”
The study confirms that those who put the most trust in television “were less likely to answer COVID-19 questions correctly. Those using Facebook to any degree were less likely to get any of the knowledge questions right.”
TRENDPOST: As we have continually reported – be it the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Afghan War, the Iraq War, the War on Terror, or the COVID War – facts don’t matter. The propaganda that Presstitutes put out, who get paid by their corporate pimps and government whoremasters to sell, is what the public buys. 

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