Watch the video to “Find Your Future In Trends”

The June 6 “Find Your Future In Trends” conference in Kingston, NY, was an enriching, dynamic exploration of essential trends taking hold in the second half of the year and how individuals can prepare for them.

And now, the full five-hour video is available HERE for subscribers at a sharply reduced rate: $25 for 30-day access (non-subscribers are charged $50 for 30-day access).

Respected economics analyst Nomi Prins, who spoke to the group shortly after addressing the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., joined Gerald Celente for an enriching and, at times, riveting session that dug deep into the “fall of capitalism.” This segment, like all through the day, provided the tools to help participants navigate turbulent waters ahead. The session not only provided a gauge of how the bankers-dominated trend line is tracking, but showed how to prepare for the eventual collapse of the cheap-money-propped-up economy.

The conference also covered economic, health and social trend lines related to an aging population. Psychologist Aryeh Maidenbaum, who led a 2012 Library of Congress symposium on aging, demonstrated how our thinking about the potential to redirect later life’s course is changing. And Celente showed overwhelming evidence that boomers and seniors are discovering new creative energies that are changing their lives — and having a growing impact on the economy and culture.

Other sessions covered dynamic trends affecting millennials and missed opportunities to serve this demographic with more focused products and services. Celente detailed geopolitical, health and education trend lines as well.

Video access can be purchased at THIS LINK.

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