War Weary a trend?

The forecast: Two major geopolitical trend lines will be drawn in 2015: Support more wars or fight for peace.

What course will be taken? Which will prove successful? What countries will wage more war? Which countries will wage peace? Will fighting for peace be seen as heroic? Or will joining forces with politicians, the military and defense experts to fight more wars continue to be honored as patriotic?

Manipulated economies in the US and across the globe keep the majority of their populations struggling to make ends meet and maintain a decent quality of life – all while trillions are poured into senseless wars.

Can a collective mindset that emphasizes community building conquer the miserable failures of wars designed to build nations elsewhere? One positive indication for the institute is the birth of Occupy Peace in 2014. It was created, in large part, by Trends Journal subscribers from throughout the world who believe the time has come for a different type of peace initiative, one based on an action plan and supported by the core concept of building communities here, not nations elsewhere. And that’s good business.

The reasoning: America’s appetite for war keeps growing. From the White House, to Congress, from the Pentagon to defense secretaries past and present, old wars have been re-ignited, new ones started and the prospects for a perpetual state of war are being sold as the American way.

The “liberal-progressive” wing of the Democratic Party, which flexes its protest muscles when war is waged by Republicans, not only supports President Obama’s global war on ISIS, they’re championing Hillary, “The War Hawk” Clinton, for President in 2016.

With a decisive victory in the midterm elections behind them, the traditionally more hawkish Republican Party is not only pushing for more aggressive US military intervention across the globe, it’s front-runner presidential hopeful,l Rand Paul, has introduced legislation to formally declare war on ISIS.

But how will a presumably war-weary US and global population respond?

Will people have the intelligence to wise up?

Will people have the courage to stand up?

Will they find the dignity to stop capitulating to demands of psychopaths who keep leading them to wars that murder millions, cost trillions and destroy entire nations?

Will they think for themselves?

Will they act before it is too late?

Turning point in 2015?

“Now or never” has arrived.

The Middle East is at war.

What magic number of dead civilians and bombed-out countries will it take before “Mideast War” becomes official?

Throughout Africa, the steady stream of raging wars spreads wider and grows hotter.

Back in the States, Washington has vowed to eternally wage a War on Terror. Up and down the list of civil wars and regional wars — Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan — Washington fuels the firepower, and NATO toes the line.

It goes on year after year, war after war.

Who started them, how they started and who sold them were forgotten yesterday. What they accomplished, who profited, the human casualties, the financial costs, the mass destruction — none of that is discussed; it’s all thoroughly whitewashed.

Pick a time, name a place: Selling war is cheap and easy. Blatant propaganda, outright lies and a bad act are all it takes to launch a major war. Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, Hollande, Blair, Cameron…

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Mali …

While the countries’ names vary, the fear-and-hysteria war script is the same. It’s the Greatest Show on Earth; a sucker is born every minute. Political ringmasters on a military mission destroy beauty, joy and love of life — and the people pay the price with their money and their life.  

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