Want eternal life? Find it in the digital world

If you dream of eternal life, meet Eterni.me – a pioneer online company offering a form of immortality.

The website will collect everything about you – photos, Facebook pages, your tweets, emails, poems, letters to the editor, and anything else that can be digitized. Using a proprietary complex of artificial-intelligence algorithms, the Eterni team creates a virtual you, including an avatar that attempts to emulate your appearance and personality.

You interact with your doppelganger while you live; then, after you die, an expert version of you lives on to keep company with your family and friends, giving them a more tangible experience of you than old photos or other mementos can summon.

The company is preparing not only to launch “soon” but also to become “a virtual library of humanity,” according to CEO Mario Ursache – just in time to serve all those Baby Boomers facing the final frontier.

This business opportunity is ripe for community digital businesses that can add personal touches and build sense of place in digital presentations that are sensitive to, and aware of, the individual’s community.

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