Want a new career? Try cyber security

In 2014, the number of high-profile data breaches will reach epic proportions. In fact, there were nearly 700 data breaches already reported this year. That’s a 27-plus percent increase over the same period last year, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

By some counts, shoppers are becoming accustomed to the headlines over credit card data thefts and showing less concern as more are breaches reported, but the costs incurred by businesses to both prevent data breaches and clean up after they have occurred are growing rapidly.

Expect to see an explosion of training programs, course curriculums and investment in cyber security in the immediate future. The growth will be particularly evident in tech schools and community colleges, and will be helped along by federal government and other grant money.

So, can’t find a job? Think cyber security in any number of fields and industries.

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