The big headline news last week from Australia was that in the state of Victoria, 51 COVID cases were reported. Yes, “cases,” which are recorded from PCR tests that have been proven to be inaccurate… as we reported in our 12 January article, “FLAWED COVID TEST RESPONSIBLE FOR ‘MASS HYSTERIA’.”
Forget the Facts
Despite the flawed facts, the phenomenon trending across the globe is of “authorities,” i.e., power-hungry freaks, imposing or extending lockdowns that are driven by near-panic fear over COVID-19 cases and death rates that appear statistically tiny in proportion to the total population.
The latest example appears to be Australia’s second-most populous state, Victoria, home to some 6.7 million people, of which more than five million reside in the capital city of Melbourne. 
The New Daily reported on 26 May that Acting Premier James Merlino announced a new seven-day lockdown to begin midnight 27 May in response to an outbreak of 26 cases traced to a hotel quarantine breach. It’s feared these cases involve a highly infectious and faster-spreading variant of the COVID-19 virus. But we’re not being informed how many of those who test positive experience any symptoms.
As in a previous lockdown this year, residents will be subject to stringent rules and will be encouraged to just stay home, with few exceptions, one of which, however, is leaving one’s home to get vaccinated. Masks will be mandatory indoors and out (despite mounting evidence that the risk of outdoor transmission is minimal). 
We reported in our 22 September 2020 article, “VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: FEW VIRUS CASES BUT TOUGH RE-LOCKDOWN,” just how stringent and intrusive were the measures taken by Victoria’s provincial government in the name of protecting people from the virus.
TRENDPOST: Despite the proof of failing government dictates to win the COVID War, politicians continue to impose lockdowns, business closures, travel restrictions, social distancing, mask-wearing mandates, etc., that have destroyed millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods across the globe. 
Completely ignored in the media and banned by politicians are the facts of who is dying from the virus and why, as well as natural healing health recommendations to build up immune systems by eating healthy, vitamin therapy, etc. Indeed, such recommendations would be censored or debased by a media that makes billions running Big Pharma’s “get drug-addicted” drug ads.

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