At his State of the Union address last Tuesday, President Donald Trump honoured one of his special guests, Juan Guaidó, the self-anointed President of Venezuela.
Since January 2019, Guaidó, backed by the United States, has tried and failed to overthrow the presidency of Nicholas Maduro, who won the election last May, which international observers rated as fair and legitimate.
Guaidó, whose popularity and support in Venezuela has greatly weakened and continues to decline, received a rousing standing ovation from both sides of Congress when President Trump said:
“Here this evening is a very brave man who carries with him the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of all Venezuelans. Joining us in the gallery is the true and legitimate president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. [Applause.] Mr. President, please take this message back to your homeland. [Applause.] Thank you, Mr. President. Great honor. Thank you very much.\
Please take this message back that all Americans are united with the Venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for freedom. Thank you very much, Mr. President. [Applause.] Thank you very much.
Trump called Maduro an “illegitimate ruler, a tyrant who brutalizes his people” and promised that “Maduro’s grip of tyranny will be smashed and broken.” In his threat to oust Maduro, Trump said this is an “opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to the people of Venezuela and to discuss how we can work with President Guaidó to expedite a democratic transition in Venezuela that will end the ongoing crisis.”
TREND FORECAST: Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer later criticized the president for failing to remove Maduro from office. “If the policy was working, Juan Guaidó wouldn’t be in the balcony here… he’d be in Venezuela, sitting in the palace.”
The next day, Trump met with Guaidó at the White House.
Considering the President and Congress’s overt support for regime change in Venezuela, we forecast America and its “allies” will soon take measures to remove President Maduro from office…  be it by instigating social uprisings or murder in the first degree.
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: That the President of the United States would invite and honour a foreign agent in an overt effort to overthrow a nation’s leader who has posed no threat to America or its people – and that Congress would give the agent a standing ovation in support of regime change – is emblematic of Washington’s military mindset, passion for war, and disdain for peace. 

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