Despite over 80 percent of the country being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Spain continues to see record numbers of cases and has blown past eight million infections since the start of the outbreak.
Reuters reported that the country of 47 million has been recording over 100,000 new cases per day. The report said infections have been climbing “without interruption” since November, but hospitalizations have not increased as drastically. About 90,000 people have died from the virus.
Hospital workers have also stressed that many of their current patients have COVID-19 but are hospitalized with another ailment. Julio Mayol, the medical director at the Hospital Clínico in Madrid, told El País that about a third of those admitted into the hospital with COVID are there “for other reasons.”
Madrid said all European Union and Schengen Area countries will continue to be part of its risk list for an additional week. Schengen Visa Info reported that travelers from the countries on the list will be “required to meet certain rules in order to be permitted entry to the country.”
TRENDPOST: These facts of how so many people are getting the virus despite the percentage of those vaxxed are deep into what was sold as “herd immunity,” is totally ignored by politicians, their bureaucratic flunkies called “health experts,” and the mainstream media that sold the propaganda.  
Remember, America’s anointed # 1 infectious disease expert, Anthony “Fraud” Fauci told the people of the world that the herd would reach immunity when 70 percent got the jab. (See, “FAUCI THE FAKE: THE ROOT OF ALL PANDEMIC LIES,” 2 Mar 2021.) 
Instead, they keep selling the bullshit that if those who were not vaxxed caught the virus they would have died, and those that have been vaxxed are only moderately suffering from the virus. 
And yet, despite these overt failures, new vaccine mandates are being imposed upon populations to fight the COVID War.
Indeed, as of yesterday, Greek citizens over the age of 60 that are not fully jabbed will have to pay a €50 fine in January, rising to €100 in February.

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