According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 498 children from the ages of 1 to 19 years of age across the U.S. have died from COVID-19, which is easily outpaced by deaths caused by gun violence, drownings, and traffic accidents.
The Daily Mail reported that data collected from May 2020 to the week ending 23 September showed that a total of 3,343 children died in car accidents and 4,000 from drowning.
The Trends Journal has extensively reported on the relatively low risk the disease poses for children without underlying conditions. According to the CDC, the virus recovery rate for 1-to 20-year-olds is 99.997 percent. 
See our November 17 articles:

The CDC report pointed out that suicides among children in 2020 rose by 50 percent, according to the website. There were 534 suicides among children in 2019.
TREND FORECAST: The data of who is dying of COVID and why is completely ignored by the media, politicians, “health experts” and “authorities.” 
Instead, COVID fear and hysteria are continually sold. We have also reported extensively on the psychological harm that closing schools had on developing children. (See “U.N. DIRECTORS: CLOSING SCHOOLS IS CREATING A ‘LOST GENERATION.”)
UNICEF issued a report warning of dire consequences to young children if schools are not reopened. The report, titled “Averting a Lost COVID Generation,” strongly advocates that children be allowed to go back to school:
“While children can transmit the virus to each other and to older age groups, there is strong evidence that, with basic safety measures in place, the net benefits of keeping schools open outweigh the costs of closing them… Schools are not a main driver of community transmission, and children are more likely to get the virus outside of school settings.”
Totally ignoring the facts, and consumed with his power trip, last Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared that all children from classes K-12 in both public and private schools…  must get the COVID Jab.
As we have forecast, there is going to be a sector of society that will increase homeschooling while also joining anti-vax, anti-establishment movements.

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